(Re)Work It

2021 has been dubbed “Generation Re-wear” so it’s no surprise that vintage shops and businesses centred around re-working old clothes are on the rise.

Not only is re-working a great alternative to throwing away clothes (which is extremely bad for the environment and adds to the issue of fast fashion), but it’s also a fun way to make clothes you no longer wear, wearable again!

For example, you may have an old hoodie that is a little too big for you now, or you don’t like the motif on the front. Why not get it re-made into your very own custom cropped hoodie? One-of-a-kind pieces are becoming more and more prominent in people’s wardrobes and the idea of personalised clothing is now a huge trend.

  1. The Restory

The Restory will re-work your shoes, bags, accessories and clothes into new pieces, and fix any broken or tattered old pieces. They have a large focus on vintage, antique and classic designer pieces, so tend to be for the higher budgets.

2. The Seam 

Meanwhile The Seam are great for all kinds of re-working but especially local re-working. You can search for makers near your area who will re-work your pieces for you, making things lot cheaper (and friendlier)!

3. Make Nu

Make Nu, as well as offering a fabulous clothes repair service, also sell patches, products to help look after your clothes, and repair kits on their website too. So no excuse to throw out that slightly stained pair of jeans straight away…

Which will you be using?

Amy Dulwich