Sex And The City: And Just Like that… It’s Back

By Emma Foakes

The first episode of Sex And The City aired on the 6th June 1998, and it was a massive success. The show revolves around 4 best friends (Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York Goldenblatt, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones) navigating their way through New York life. They work through love, marriage, children and much more.

The final episode aired on February 22nd in 2004 with a total of 94 episodes over 6 seasons. Since then, two movies were released which didn’t go down too well. Even still, a SATC reboot was planned and released December 9th.

The stars on the set of SATC

One of the main reasons the show was so popular was because of Carrie Bradshaw ands the rest of the gang’s desirable fashion taste. The costume designers for the new series are Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, and they had big plans for the show’s new look. Both designers have had experience with the show, so we can expect greatness.

90s fashion has made a comeback recently, so we can expect to see looks involving this era. Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, always wore intriguing outfits and still managed to pull them off. Some of these outfits include sports shorts with heels, colour blocked oufits, and of course some of her extreme and sometimes questionable dresses. One issue that has been pointed out is ageism, however this has been dismissed saying it makes no difference to the outfits or the show.

We can see how important the fashion is to these viewers as an Instagram account was created with over 13,000 followers dedicated to looks from the new season. Photos of the actors have been posted whilst filming outdoors.

Behind the scenes of the reboot’s wardrobe

It has also been said that recycling and upcycling is a part of the fashion for this reboot. Vintage pieces and reusing pieces from the previous episodes will also be seen, which is exciting for long time lovers of the show dedicated to the fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker actually archived lots of items for the show, so both designers and actors are excited to see these again.

Are you excited to watch the reboot and find out about our girls’ lives now? Or are you more excited to see the new looks?