Should you wear sunglasses in autumn and winter?

Yes. UV rays are much worse during the colder seasons due to the sun being much lower. Therefore much more intense; protect your eyes by starting to wear sunglasses during the upcoming chilly seasons. We have found the five best pairs of sunglasses for the colder weather!

5. Quay Australia’s ‘After Hours’ Sunglasses – £39

These sunnies come in nine different colours so you have a nice variety to choose from! They’re the perfect pair of oversized sunglasses for your autumn wardrobe because they’ll pair perfectly with your neutral colours!

After Hours – Quay Australia

4. Mango’s ‘Jandri Sunglasses’ – £18.95

This specific pair of Mango sunglasses come in dark brown and are a staple item in your seasonal wardrobe! Another thing that makes these sunnies perfect is that they’re part of reaching the brand’s sustainable fashion goal!

Jandri Sunglasses – Mango

3. Ray-ban’s ‘State Street @Collection’ – £194

Who doesn’t love a pair of black, sleek Ray-Bans in their wardrobe. This pair of sunglasses is a must have in anyones winter wardrobe. Make sure to grab them before they’re gone as they’re an online exclusive!

State Street @Collection – Ray-Ban

2. ASOS Design’s ‘almond cat eye sunglasses’ – £12

These sunnies are said to have a good level of protection again UV rays which are perfect for not only the hotter times of year, but also the colder. Grab a pair because you can’t go wrong with a pair of basic black sunglasses in your closet.

almond cat eye sunglasses – ASOS

1. Gemma Styles x Baxter & Bonny’s ‘seven wonders’ sunglasses – £50

These sunglasses are affordable, sustainable, and protect your eyes from UV rays in all seasons! No sunnies could be more perfect for your wardrobe all year round but especially perfect as your autumn and winter staples. Make sure to shop the collection as they sell out frequently!

Seven Wonders – Gemma Styles x Baxter & Bonny

Make sure to protect your eyes this season by grabbing yourself sunglasses that protect against a high level of UV rays. There’s no reason why you can’t make sure they’re super stylish too!

Emma Bell