Show some love to these small sustainable brands

Want to be more sustainable? Here’s some brands you may love

Sustainable fashion is a highly talked about topic in this day and age.  Although there are many sustainable brands out there, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect style for you. Here you can find some brands you will love whilst supporting small businesses. 

Sustainable Fashion brand

NU-IN is starting to become very popular. They are up to date with the latest trends, you can be sure to find something you will love shopping with Nu-in. NU-IN want to be different from the larger brands that are un-sustainable.

Sustainable Fashion brand
Friends and Threads

Friends and Threads is a stylish ethical brand that is all about creating items at affordable prices. You can wear these pieces Day or night, you won’t regret shopping here that’s for sure.

Sustainable Swimwear

Stay wild swim are an ethical swim wear brand that want to make a difference and help save our ocean. They have created items from left over scraps of waist and transformed them into gorgeous swimwear pieces.

Sustainable Fashion brand
Broccolis Boutique

Broccolis Boutique is a brand that first started out on Depop. The brand talks about how fast fashion is destroying our planet. They sells products at affordable prices with lots of cute pieces to wear. 

Sustainable Fashion

TALA are not only a sustainable brand but support movements such as black lives matter. The brand creates flattering items that are sustainable, from plastic bottles to factory offcuts. Tala is an affordable brand that is suitable for a wide range of people. 

Sustainable sportswear

Rapid is an active wear brand that is helping in creating the first steps of making the leisure industry more sustainable. The brand sells products for both men and women at affordable prices. 

Written by Amy Hardy