The NBA is famous for many reasons, sports fans love following the game to see the latest scores, but it has another following for a very different reason. You guessed it, fashion fans; their eyes are everywhere but the court. Celebrities use the NBA as a sort of showcase, debuting new hair, relationships and style. This week on Carbon we are going to look back at the 5 most iconic courtside looks from celebrities.

Back when she blessed us with her daring style and beauty regularly at the NBA; Rihanna debuting this new pink candyfloss pixie hair is the star of the show, and rightly so!! She dresses down the rest of her outfit with blue jeans, a vest and pumps, but ties in the pink with her bag. icon.

JB and Hailey Bieber make the most recent appearance at the NBA last week, with Justin opting for a more baggy, comfortable approach to courtside style, and Hailey following suit. Effortless but impactful, and really really cool.

Kylie and Travis radiate cool during this courtside appearance. Kylies cool laid back style never misses, Of course with her Birkin sat beside her. duh! Everyone wanted to be Kylie and Travis in 2017.

You can’t mention NBA courtisde style without mentioning the KJ. These iconic YSL sparkly boots are everything and had everyone talking. Kendall never misses when it comes to courtside fashion.

Bey and Jay Z are another couple who are regulars at the basketball, these outfits scream 2000s inspired. This cool flare and baggy jean combo is what dreams are made off. They cemented themselves as ‘that’ cool couple during these appearances.

And a special mention to Kanye wearing Yeezy, just because of how happy he looks.

By Ellie Atherley