With sneaker brands such as Jordan continuing to drop more and more consistent heat for sneaker fans to potentially get their hands on this next collaboration could most definitely be on of the biggest in sneaker history.

With the Jordan 1 being the most iconic sneaker silhouette and by far the most popular, when they confirmed their collaboration with Dior the sneaker community blew up. The shoes itself will be of a grey and white upper featuring touches of the Dior print on the swoosh swell as the tongue, the sole is of a light grey then finished with a transparent blue bottom which then gives off the redesigned Jordan 1 logo touched with Dior.

With release meant to be coming this month there has been given no official release date but the shoes have already been given a massive £1800 retail price and with the shoe limited to 8500 pairs worldwide this shoe is going to be incredibly hard for people to get their hands on. Pairs have already started to surface on Stock x which is a legit website for shoes to be resold on and also hold the stock market value for almost every shoe ever released. When the first pair surfaced on stock x the shoe was listed for £42000 which therefore could easily make this one of the most expensive shoes for resell.

A few months back images then surfaced of the collaboration on a Jordan 1 low silhouette which then sparked up more excitement on the collaboration. There has been no further information on the Jordan 1 low meaning it could either be released later in the year or could be a very limited friends and family pair. However the internet still went crazy saying how the shoe look just as stylish as the classic high silhouette.