Sports Banger, the bootleg king taking over streetwear

Sports Banger who’s real name is Jonny Banger is the bootleg king of the UK fashion scene. He is bringing the new style of streetwear that is soon to be fast growing. In previous years he partnered up with sports brand Slazenger and to no surprise this did very well, due to this he followed it up with another collaboration with slazenger which was released in march.

The latest Slazenger Banger range features pigeon inspired tracksuits, umbrellas, face warming hoodies, socks, mitten transforming gloves, colour changing mugs and t-shirts.

Sports banger is known for approaching in stuff in a completely different way to how other people would approach stuff. The way the styling is done and what is featured is say different to a lot of brands and the obvious one is the way he is approaching the streetwear scene, he has done it very well as he has spotted the gap in the market and gone and taken it and executed it very well, which has led to his rise in success. He also likes to do his fashion shows and add his own swing on pop culture and almost add a rave scene to his shows

Bellow is a video that shows his approach to his previous fashion show, this clearly will show how he has added his own swing on it