Sophie Benson- Sustainable fashion

There is always the question around the Fashion industry whether it can actually be sustainable but fashion made little tangible progress last year. Emissions are still going up, next-gen textiles have yet to scale and countless garment workers are going hungry. Actions speak louder than words, but for the fashion industry, heightened conversation and urgency is a positive sign. Critics are encouraged that some of the biggest brands and highest-ranking executives are talking about end life impacts and reflecting a shift in mindset from the industry.

Who is Sophie Benson?

Sophie Benson is a freelance journalist working with a focus on sustainable fashion, the environment and consumerism.

She writes for publications like The Guardian, The Independent, Raconteur, AnOther, and i-D. she she covers topics including legislation and policy, greenwashing, circularity, garment workers rights, consumer behaviour, and fashion innovation.

Sophie isnt just a journalist, she actively tries to make her fashion choices more sustainable. She recently wrote a piece for Vogue ‘Why I’m Making All My Clothes For A Year, Instead Of Buying Anything New’

Paired with Earth day that has passed, Sophie wrote passionatly about what she is doing for. ‘greener future’

She explained in the article that if she wanted something new in 2022, she would have to make it herself, which led her to learn how to crochet!

what does sustainability mean to you?

it means working within the boundaries of our planet and understanding that resources are finite and acting accordingly. It means having respect for natural resources, for labour, for Indigenous knowledge, and for future generations who deserve to live on a healthy, abundant planet.

A photograph of a floral blouse and crochet vest she made, alongside a pair of upcycled jeans.  

One eco-friendly habit you wish everyone practiced?

I really wish everyone would repair their clothes. There are lots of reasons why we don’t – like perceptions of value, lack of time and resources, and not being taught the skills – but if it were possible, I wish it would become the norm. Not only does it prolong the life of clothes and keep them out of the bin, but it connects you to what you wear on a completely different level and increases the value you see in your clothes. I’ve got so much joy out of repairing and adapting my clothes.

Sophie Benson has her own website which features her blog, about her, how to contact her and all of her artciles which allow you to view her personal views and understand how active she is about changing how she wears her clothes.

So… how can we become more sustainable with our fashion choices?

  1. Be more informed

Social media is such an easy way to follow a brand and what their ethical views are which should influence how you shop

2. Invest in trans-seasonal clothes

Only buy items that you know are going to work for you all year round.

3. Donate your unwanted clothes

Donating your unwanted clothes to a good cause, rather than leaving them hanging in your wardrobe, will help others to be more sustainable; they will invest in your old pieces, rather than buying something new. A great way to do this is to have a one-in, one-out policy – live by the mantra that every time you buy something, you’ll donate something.

4. Look after your clothes so they last longer

if you buy higher-quality clothes, they are likely to last longer. Look after them properly and you will have to replace things less often. From caring for your cashmere to washing your denim inside out, go the extra mile to ensure your clothes stay at their best for longer.

5. Learn how to repair clothing yoursel

Like sophie preaches… When something rips or a heel breaks, you don’t necessarily have to throw it away. Learn how to repair your clothes and accessories – or, even easier, pay a professional to do it. Think twice before using it as an excuse for something new.