The Adidas Superstan: 2020’s best hybrid shoe?


A look at one of the most anticipated releases so far this year.

Adidas have always been at the forefront of the current trends within the trainer industry, and their next invention is pure genius. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the classic Superstar trainer, Adidas are set to release their most exciting product to date – the Adidas Superstan. Today the trainers are set to release globally, with sneaker-heads surely having this set of kicks at the top of their wish-list.

Does the name ‘Superstan’ sound all-too familiar to you? That’s because it’s a mixture of two of their most popular shoes to date; the Superstar and the Stan Smith. With the main body of the shoe itself keeping the original slim and clean style of the Stan Smith, and the iconic shell toe of the Superstar, they are surely going to fly off of shells as soon as they come to Europe on the later date of the 21st February. These two sets of trainers have always been a must-have if you have any sort of interest in shoes, with them both still very current in today’s fashion world. 

The Adidas Superstar

Originally designed as basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar is looked at as one of the biggest, if not the biggest influences on design within the sneaker culture. First released in 1969, it was the first low-top shoe for basketball to feature the rubber material entirely at the tip of the trainer, gaining several nicknames such as the “shelltoe”, “clamtoe” and many more. Its rise to popularity was helped thanks to the promotion within the NBA, as after a couple of years since its release well over 75% of the basketball players within the organisation where wearing them in their matches. Originally coming in a simple black and white colour-way, but now venturing in to an entire range of colours throughout the years in order to appeal to a broader audience; at the end of the day I’m sure you know someone who owns a pair of Adidas Superstars.

The Adidas Stan Smith

Similarly, in terms of originally being a sports shoe, the first type of Stan Smith was released as a tennis shoe in 1963, but wasn’t actually named after the famous two-time Grand Slam winner until 1971 when he was ranked 1st in the world tennis rankings at the time. With the shoe even being listed in the Guinness World Records, by 1988 almost 22 million pairs of the shoes were released, and it is a shoe you would still expect to see on the feet of someone as you walk down the high street today.

Even though the sneaker-heads within United Kingdom will have to wait a little longer in order to get their hands on the highly-anticipated set of shoes, they will be available to be bought on the official Adidas website for £84.95 on Friday, 21st February at 23:00.

Written by Matthew Nicoll