The best fashion moments from The Crown Season 4

The fourth installment of The Crown returned to Netflix just over a week ago and Carbon have picked the best fashion moments from the latest season. 

By Nicola Scovell 

Many people were mesmerised by the iconic outfits worn by Princess Diana, but other characters in the show had some standout looks too so we’re here to shine a light on them.

The Iron Lady’s power suits 

Margaret Thatcher was introduced this season and was played by the incredible Gillian Anderson. The iron lady’s wardrobe in the show was filled with blue blazers, padded shoulders and pleated skirts. The most memorable outfit was the Prime Minister’s pussy-bow blouse, the same colour as her political party.  

Anne’s fit for a wedding 

The royals are known for their fascinators and the wedding for Prince Charles and Diana was no exception. Princess Anne sported a ruffled floral yellow dress to the occasion – like the one worn by the real Princess Anne.  

Tweed and Stripes 

Lord Mountbatten is probably the last person you’d expect to appear on this list! Lord Mountbatten, who is played by Charles Dance, sports a striped t-shirt and tweed blazer which is an unlikely combo but one we can see working in 2020.  

Sombre Swimwear 

We are used to seeing Princess Margaret in vibrant colours but the costume designers in this season chose to pick a darker colour palette to reflect Princess Margaret’s tragic stage in her life. The corset fit, floral patterned swimsuit is worn by Helena Bonham Carter in episode seven.  

Prince Charles’ Holiday Attire 

Although the men aren’t known for their exciting costumes on the show, this is a standout moment. In this season, Prince Charles visited his Aunt Margaret in the Caribbean where Charles sported a beige, double-breasted jacket.