The Crocs Comeback?

Crocs. Those shoes you wore to the beach as a kid. The shoes you slip on to do garden work.
What if someone told you that crocs were making a comeback? Collaborations with celebrities, popular
brands and even high-end designers creating their own versions which has, in-turn, helped to multiply their share price by over 10x since march of 2020.

Well, here is a look at how crocs have comeback from being in the sale section of high-street shops to being sold-out online:

Celebrity and Company Collaborations:

Over the past few years, Crocs have been doing collaborations with mainly celebrity names attached to them:

Here we can see a few collaborations that crocs have done with various names such as Post Malone, Little Big and Justin Bieber. These celebrity endorsements have caused these crocs to sell out usually on the day that they are released.

As well as celebrity collaborations, crocs have done a few collaborations with other brands, most recently crocs have created a collaboration with ‘Beams’:

The Beams x Crocs range

Designer Interpretations:

Interestingly, designers have caught onto this ‘crocs revival’. The most notable of all of the designer re-imaginings is that of Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga. Gvasalia is known for creating outlandish footwear, accessories, clothing and even runway settings (the McDonalds Catwalk), and these crocs-turned-high-heels are no exception:

What are your thoughts? Should crocs come back or should we be leaving them behind?

-Oliver Iles

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