The ethereal touch of Ozlana

Ozlana is a luxury Australian brand, founded in 2014. The brands signature of sustainable fur has become their signature setting them as a staple brand in Australia. They have recently been receiving quite some hype from social media after unveiling their newest SS22 collection titled ‘New Era’ at Shanghai Xintiandi which features looks fit for a fairytale princess on her day off.

The fantasy presented at Shanghai Fashion Week.


The brands ethereal and feminine aesthetic sticks to the brands promise of never compromising or succumbing to mainstream trends. They always stick to a romantic and gentle approach that is loved by many. 

In the bleak of winter, we tend to stick to dark or dull colours and cover up a whole bunch without exploring different stylings. However, the designs show that you can still embrace soft femininity in the cold winter months while still being wrapped up in a huge coat.

The looks not only showcase a delicate look but they also exude a feeling of high-class and lavish and are enough to give you that extra bit of confidence in the moody weather. Will you be choosing the serene ‘winter sweetheart’ look this winter?

Rokeya Rodney