The Faces Behind The iPhone Cases On Every Celeb’s Insta

You have probably seen all these beautiful iPhone cases amongst your Instagram feed on every celebrity’s mirror selfie… But what you might not know is the faces that stand behind this phone accessories brand.


The brand is named Wildflower Cases and it goes back to 2012. During this time the mother of Devon Lee and Sydney Carlson – Michelle Carlson, went on a journey to find stylish cases for both of her daughters. When there weren’t any, she took her inspiration and handcraft talent and designed them both their first iPhone cases out of scratch fabrics. Afterward, girls’ friends and classmates went crazy about the cases, so Michelle started doing extra ones if someone wanted to buy them. 


The brand went more viral shortly after this when Devon spotted singer Miley Cyrus at a restaurant in Los Angeles and asked her to take a picture. After Miley’s buzz around the handcrafted phone case she saw, she momentarily asked where she could buy one, exclaiming “You should start selling these online”, and tweeted a photo of them, tagging Devon. The story ends with creating Wildflower cases’ website over a night and the beginning of these women’s family business. You might even say that Miley’s encouragement is the inspiration behind the start of it. 

Wildflowercases X Emma Chamberlain

The business keeps on thriving, whilst influencers and models like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid keep on popping up with them all around our feeds, adding a colourful bliss. There have been numerous collaborations with different models and influencers, like model Salem Mitchell, or Youtuber and influencer Emma Chamberlain.

Wildflower cases’ Instagram has reached over 790,000 followers. If you want to pamper your phone with a bright accessory, you can head over their website and get one! 

The Carlson sister – Devon and Sydney are also known for their YouTube channels. So, if you want to get a further look at their lives, you can head over to their channels!

Devon’s YouTube Channel
Sydney’s YouTube Channel