The Fashion Future

On May 22nd in the height of the pandemic, Congolese fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba thought of a way to display her designs without human interaction. She created a virtual catwalk with 3D models and designs that still looked lifelike. She not only did this because of the pandemic but to make a statement. In a world as vast as fashion and design is, there is a huge ocean of brands trying to be noticed. Groundbreaking ideas likes these get you that attention because not only is it contemporary and unique but its tactical. 

With the continued rise of technology and how our lives became accustomed to lockdown living with less human contact, there has been a change in the fashion world. A shift towards digitality has consumed traditional methods and innovative fashion designers and companies are taking advantage of this shift.

A few of Anifas designs from the showcase.

She showcased her brand on the Instagram of her brand Hanifa. This allowed the global attendance of diverse social groups that could view the catwalk from the comfort of their own homes. Not everyone will get to experience a real catwalk so these types of concepts also bring a new sense of inclusivity and accessibility to the fashion world. This marvellous spectacle gives us a new look on the concept of catwalks and with over 150,000 views, it was obviously a hit. Alongside the creation of TeslaBots and different AI it brings up questions and doubts like will we even need models anymore? Will catwalks still only happen in the traditional format? Could this be the future of displaying fashion? Hanifa is among the small brands that are making their mark in the digital fashion universe.

Rokeya Rodney