The Fashion Moment: 90s Trends reinvented by PLT

Those 90s trends you loved, are coming back bigger and better!

As we know trends are constantly revolving and reappearing in the high street, on the catwalk and in our wardrobes, especially those made famous during the iconic 90s era, from Clueless’ costumes to Rachel Green’s hair! Here is 8 of our favourite 90s trends that have made an appearance across retail giant PrettyLittleThing, our virtual retail therapy during this long lockdown!

1-Checked Suit Skirts

Left: Cher Horowitz from Clueless(1995)
Right: PLT (2020)

With Clueless’ iconic outfit, especially Cher’s coordinated suit combo, why wouldn’t we want to bring this back to our wardrobes? PrettyLittleThing have their own version of this unforgettable 90’s outfit available in Pink, Grey and Stone.

2-Heavily Logoed bags

Left: Mariah Carey wearing Louis Vuitton (Manhattan,1999)
Right: PLT (2020)

With Louis Vuitton and Fendi, to name a few, being known for their iconic repeat patterned logoed fabrics across their bags, now have high street retailers following in their footsteps. PrettyLittleThing have now created their own range of backpacks and purses which also have a repeated pattern of their logo across the outer fabric.

3-Slip Dress

Left: Kate Moss wearing John Galliano (CFDA Awards,1995)
Right: PLT (2020)

Whilst slip dresses have been in and out of trends for many years. This year they have come back with a vengeance and become massive in our high street retail sector. They are available in a range of forms and lengths, colours and styles.


Left: Sarah Michelle Gellar (1999 Oscars)
Right: PLT (2020)

A trend like marmite, you either love it or hate to love. Velvet has come back massively over the past few years across of sectors of fashion, its come back on trousers, skirts, dresses, tops, lingerie, sportswear you name it! The isn’t a single garment or accessory that velvet hasn’t yet collaborated with. It has appeared increasingly on PrettyLittleThing’s website.

5-Branded Sportswear

Left: Whitney Houston wearing Nike & FILA (1993)
Right: PLT (2020)

Following the likes of Adidas Nike, with their overly logoed sportswear, PLT have created their own range of sportswear also embossed heavily with their brand’s logo. Available in many different colours and styles for a fraction of the price.


Left: Sarah Jessica Parker (1996)
Right: PLT (2020)

A trend known mainly as lingerie has now become big in both the tops and dresses sector of the industry. You can find corsets that are different lengths and styles, some more casual or dressier. Who would’ve thought such a provocative garment recognised in the Moulin Rouge would become so popular as a casual everyday choice of dress.

7-Teeny Tiny Bags

Left: Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Fendi (1999)
Right: PLT (2020)

An increasingly popular almost pointless trend has arisen from the 90’s archive, especially with Lizzo’s minuscule Valentino bag at the AMAs. Tiny bags are back in fashion, although you could probably just about fit in an iPhone 11 alone, these bags have appeared again across the catwalk and though our Highstreet retailers

8-Bucket Hat

Left: Britney Spears (1997)
Right: PLT (2020)

A festival must have of the past few years, even brands such as Adidas and Champion have created their own branded versions! PLT has now followed in the footstep and created basic coloured bucket hats for their wide demographic of customers in a variety of colours.

Is there any trend or item of clothing that PrettyLittleThing haven’t yet been involved with?!