The Fashion Moment: Inside the colourful history of Tie Dye

The comeback trend reappearing in our wardrobes this summer

Tie dye is a popular trend, that has made its return back into the Fashion Industry over the past few years, on both the catwalk and the high street. It’s bright colours are a common favourite during the hot summer months, and will continue to make an impact across the world’s wardrobe for years to come.

Tie dye is a process of dying garments or material by tying parts of it with cotton or rubber bands to shield it from the dye, allowing the material to stay its original colour. Which then   produces one of a kind colourful patterns, individual to its owner. ‘Tie dye’ itself is a modern term derived from America in the 1960s for the historical Japanese process of ‘Shibori’. Although the process has been around for centuries, it became culturally significant in the 1960’s hippie culture with its use of bright colours, promoting love, compassion and individuality. 

Tie Dye in the 60s – PINTEREST

Brands this year are definitely working the trend into their collections such as Off-White, Ralph Lauren and Isabel Marant, whether it’s into casual wear or formal wear.

Off-White (top), Isabel Marant (bottom left) & Ralph Lauren (bottom right) PINTEREST

The trend isn’t just popular amongst the every day person, celebrities have also joined the trend both in formal events, fashion shows or casually on outings. Gigi Hadid appeared last year in a Oscar de la Renta suit customised with it’s own blue tie dye patterning. Alongside her, Kaia Gerber appeared in both R13’s SS19 and Stella McCartney’s SS19 fashion shows, promoting tie dye garments in both. 

The trend will definitely continue to dominate the Industry for the rest of the summer and consecutively for years to come!

Lucie Kyle