The Hardiest of trends

This year has been big for streetwear brand Unknown London. Inspired by skate and hip hop culture, the brand was founded in 2016. This is when streetwear started becoming the latest hype in the UK because of the rise in hip hop and grime culture. Now 5 years on and streetwear is in its prime alongside Unknown London.

The brand has become a recognisable name, mainly with the hype of their rhinestone tracksuits. Popular artists like Aitch, Jorja Smith, Coi Leray and Central Cee have been seen flexing in these popular sets.

Rhinestone Zip Hoodie- £110

These went viral on TikTok in summer and ever since are like a rare relic. Every single drop is sold out within minutes and resell prices can look at over £100 of the retail. This adds to the allure of this not so Unknown brand. 

This month, the brand unveiled their latest collaboration with the well known Ed Hardy brand. Being original pioneers of the 2000s, Ed hardy is the main reason we see rhinestone cladded clothing everywhere.

The first capsule drop was dated 12/12/21 at 8pm, with all stock selling out in 2 minutes. This featured a new design of the signature rhinestone tracksuit. Alongside, a biker jacket, t-shirt and beanie.


Who is Ed Hardy?

Donald Edward Hardy, a tattoo artist from California is the man behind the designs. Skulls, knives, blood and roses; transformed into an art form from its “gangster”past. With the collaboration of French designer Christian Audiger, the brand blew up and is now one of the most notable brands of the 2000’s.

Earlier this year, Tiktok star Addison Rae and the queen of the runway Bella Hadid were seen donning Ed hardy gear. This is a factor that sparked the resurgence of the brand that we thought died years ago. The 2000s revenge has seen many brands resurface, like Juicy Couture and Von Dutch and Ed Hardy might be another that’s here to stay.

The brand is going down a slightly new avenue, teaming up on a streetwear collection which is the perfect way to appeal to Gen Z. It’s adding the authentic Y2K vibe with a slightly modernised spin.

Unknown x Ed Hardy – Vegan Leather Jacket – £230 | Black Denim Jeans – £120

Ed hardys comeback shows the longevity of the y2k trend. What we thought was a passing fad has turned out to be a genuine cultural reset and full circle for fashion. It will effect how we dress for years to come so don’t say goodbye to your rhinestone tops and low rise jeans just yet.

Rokeya Rodney