THE INBETWEENERS: the Model Army 💪🏽

Two years ago, at the height of the body positive movement on social networks, a demand arose that a PopSugar article illustrated well: Why It’s Time to Celebrate “Average-Size” Women.

The author, Gemma Cartwright, wrote the following: “I have been called fat and chubby more times than I care to mention. I would look ridiculous in the clothes I see many fashion bloggers wearing. But I don’t fit in the plus-size community as such either. When you’re between two very different sides of an industry, finding your place is difficult.

Coincidentally, that average size that tends to abound in social reality was forgotten or overlooked by the sector. The ‘neither fat nor thin’ were invisible. In commercial stores, they usually have dress sizes from 36 to 40, the problem is that the size system is not universal and, despite the efforts made to solve it, a 38 in one store may be very different in terms of centimeters from its counterpart in another establishment.

However, it is in these times that the whole fashion has set out to compensate for the imbalances of the past, in tune with so many industries that are working to be more fair and representative.

Consulted by, sources in the modeling industry agree that the next phenomenon will be that of in between or medium size models. “This category would include models from a size 38 or 40 to 42 and, very importantly, a lot of personality is also sought.

In every phenomenon, there is a visible face that opens the way. If in the plus-size revolution it was Ashley Graham (with the covers of the American and British editions of Vogue)

The model of the moment is called Jill Kortleve and her physique is between a large size and what has been considered a standard size in fashion; at the same time, the ‘e-commerce’ agencies increasingly request smaller sizes from the 40 or 42.

Another model following in her footsteps is Effy Kaethner .

And although we welcome the arrival of the in between models in fashion, everything points to a label-free future.

 Models and that’s it.