The It Girls of 2022

The IT Girls of 2022 –

and why you should follow them…

What exactly is an ‘It Girl’? Urban dictionary defines her as:

The “It Girl” is the girl that EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything that you want so you tend to envy her…

Urban Dictionary

The term came about in the early 20th century as celebrities started to become a thing. Clara Bow was the first ever ‘It’ Girl and over a century later, Instagram and social media have birthed a whole new era of It girls with sex appeal and fantastic dress sense. Most of them have youtube channels, ALL of them have Instagram, and the most popular ones are trending all over Pinterest too.

What are the steps to becoming an It Girl exactly? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Spend time curating your Pinterest
  • Create a public Instagram
  • Install the apps of your favourite shops for easy access and to browse the latest trends
  • Keep your wardrobe organised & fresh
  • Network, network, network.
  • Keep a healthy routine e.g. journal, exercise, meditate etc
  • Experiment with make-up and camera angles to find what suits you best.

But anyone can be an It girl! Maybe if you start to build up your social media presence, you’ll be the next girl searched all over Pinterest.

We’ll tell you all about why you should follow each of these It Girls, and how to copy their style and aesthetic. These are just a few of the girls taking over the Instagram scene at the minute…

Lila Moss

She may be a baby of nepotism… but Lila Moss still deserves to be in this list of 2022 It Girls. An iconic model taking after her supermodel mother Kate Moss, at just 19 years old she is already an icon of the fashoon industry herself.

Having been on magazine covers such as Vogue Japan, she has firmly placed herself in It Girl status. A quiet and introverted teen, she is the perfect fashion role model for the quiet, sweet and simple girl who loves a basic outfit but paired with crazy make-up and accesories to match.

Somehow, she manages to pull off every single possible outfit and make-up look.

She’s always ahead of the trends but strikes herself as a very girl-next-door type of woman. She doesn’t stand out from the crowd but once you notice her, you’ll never lose sight of her again!

Chloe Pearl

Chloe Pearl is an NYC icon – she is always adorned in the latest designer clothing, and never repeats an outfit. From classy and simple lace to crazy mixed patterns and colours, Chloe has an extremely varied sense of style.

One minute she may be looking cute and parisian in a cottagecore dress, and the next she’s in an all-lace Chanel jumpsuit on the way to an exclusive after-party.

Every girl who like fashion and particularly designers, wants to be friends with Chloe Pearl. Alongside her huge Instagram following, she also runs a simple and comfort-watch-style youtube channel.

Chloe even owns her own lingerie brand now – check it out at @chloepearllingerie. The pieces are mixed with older fashioned style and sexy seductiveness. You’ll feel like a princess in the lacey pieces…

Matilda Djerf

Matilda Djerf has blown up on TikTok over the past year thanks to her simple yet put-together style and iconic bouncy blow-out locks.

She’s always posting how-to videos on her hair as people are obsessed with it. Matilda has over 2 million followers on Instagram, a casual YouTube channel and a succesful business!

Djerf Avenue is her latest venture and is super popular – a really ethical and comfy-focused brand, Avenue are smashing the fashion scene across Instagram and Portugal.

If Gossip Girl were to be re-done a third time, Matilda would be the girl all the boys are fighting for. She always look put together yet effortless at the same time.

Mia Regan

Mia Regan, otherwise known as @mimimoocher on Instagram, is a Gen Z icon. Having rose to prominence when her relationship with Romeo Beckham went public, she has firmly secured herself as a model and fashion It Girl.

She’s never simple – she’s always out there and is often sporting a range of textures all over her body such as fluffy shoes, thick gloves and crazy hats. She doesn’t follow trends, she does what she wants and doesn’t care what people think!

Often wearing Victoria Beckham (obviously), she is always invited to the Fashion Weeks and always stands out from the crowd. She’s now a model for Storm Models too!

Amalie Star

Amalie Bianca Bladt AKA Amalie Star, is a Danish Youtuber with other 300,000 subscribers and around 380k followers on Instagram.

Her videos are very relaxed and easy to watch – often vlogs and Get Ready With Me’s, although she’s often at the latest fashion event of fashion week so there’s always some content to watch from her.

She has amazing photos and is always taking photos at every opportunity – she experiments with film and old schoool video cameras to get some amazing aesthetic Insta pics.

Chloe Frater

Chloe Frater has a small YouTube channel but deserves at least a million subscribers…

With other 120k followers on Instagram and a succesful podcast called “The Sh*t No One Tells Us”, Chloe has firmly placed herself in the Fashion Industry with her range of trendy outfits that are effortless yet Pinterest-able.

She’s also praised for her hairstyles and use of accessories – she’s always got on the best shoes, scraves, bags, coats, ties, tights etc, and the trendiest hairstyles from a slick bun to a bouncy blow-out.

Check out her Youtube for tutorials on how she always looks so perfect…

So which of these It Girls is most like you?

Amy Dulwich