The Rise of a Covid Influencer:

Many may know Brooke Hewer as the “girl who swings on doors”, others know her as the girl who drags her boyfriend into doing Tiktok trends. But soon we will all know her as a real rising influencer of the 21st century.  

Brooke grew up and lives in Bognor Regis, in the south of England, and like the rest of us got bored during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The 23 year old, throughout the first lockdown decided to spend her furlough on hundreds of shopping sprees, where she would then continue to do try-on hauls for her fast rising Tiktok audience. To make her stand out, Brooke would do all videos in her bathroom, starting each new outfit by swimming on her bathroom door or even posing in funny, yet very awkward, positions around her bathroom.  Soon after her Tiktok engagement grew faster than she realised, the newly found influencer had many brands contacting her to work collaborations- Brooke no longer needed to use that money on clothes anymore as everything was becoming gifted to her. 

“I just decided to start posting videos on Tiktok as I enjoyed it and it took off from there. I still don’t really see myself as an influencer to be honest!” Brooke told me during our conversation. After talking a bit more I brought up, what may be considered as her biggest milestone in her career so far; the PLTXMolly-Mae launch party. I could feel the excitement radiating off the phone as she told me “ I couldn’t believe it when ii first got the invite as it was my first proper event. It’s so interesting to see lots of people that you’ve followed on social media yourself for years”. I would have been so starstruck if I entered that room, I asked her if she felt the same “ I wouldn’t say starstruck but I thought it was cool to see Molly- Mae the first time, but soon after being there you realise they’re just normal people like you”. Lets be honest though, if you were famous- isn’t everyone else just normal?

The young influencer has been doing collaborations with all sorts of brand such as, going to Park-life festival sponsored by JD sports, or even been on adverts on other social platforms for Tampax. When speaking about the brands Brooke stated “ My dream brand to work with would be ASOS, who I recently just worked with actually!” She then goes to mention that she loves working with brands which she shopped in before she became big, such as, Urban Outfitters and Olivia Bonas.  I asked if her audience enjoy watching her collaborations wit such big brands in which I got the response of a slight giggle “My audience love to see funny fashion/ try on videos, they always seem to have the most engagement but recently they have also enjoyed videos with my boyfriend Rory”. Rory being her boyfriend of five years.

It can be said that an influencers main stress is trying to keep up-to-date with trends, trying to keep their audience engaged and entertained- which sounds like a lot of stress and work! This sort of job is a real ‘in the moment’ sort of job, but what do these influencers think of their future. Brooke answered my question saying that “ In ten years time, I will be 33, so I doubt I will still be doing social media asa job but I would hope to have my own business. I believe the industry would have grown massively by then but will still be very different to how it is now. I think that there will be a new popular platform ten years from now and I hope to see some more authentic and realistic influencers’. This could not have been a better answer from our very own authentic and realistic influencer. 

At the end of our interview I asked a question that I feel does not have a set answer, a question that is constantly changing with the times and that question is: How would you measure success? “ I think its so easy to measure success on the amount of followers you have, which I still do all the time, however, I also think its based on your actual supporters- the people who comment on every video, send you messages etc. You could also say you can measure it with the brands you work with.” Would you consider yourself successful I asked Brooke, “ I definitely don’t have the most followers but I have worked with big brands that other even bigger influencers have not worked with yet, so I do count that as a success in my career”

What will influencers like Brooke Hewer do next? Who will be the next big influencer/ trend ? Maybe, it’s us the public who decide who or what the next big thing will be or maybe it’s the influences who will tell us what should be the next big thing. Only time will tell…

Written by Lottie George