The rise of Corteiz

Take a look at why everyone’s talking about one of the most iconic streetwear brand that’s taking over London…

Corteiz was founded by Clint who launched his brand in 2017 from his bedroom in West London. This isn’t his first brand either he founded his first line Cade On The Map in 2015. The brand has a significant edge over its competitors as the drops are all limited edition, so getting hold of a Corteiz piece is a competitive race as they sell out minutes after their release. The designs are meant to be treasured and even collected. Once you have a Corteiz, you feel like a part of a privileged community. Corteiz has created a very distinctive and unique aesthetic by combining exclusiveness with the rebel youth spirit, collections include authentic balaclavas, bold messages, and signature joggers. The designs have been worn by celebrities. Each piece has Cortiez iconic Alcatraz symbol which is to represent rebellion. HI online store is password reserved for few to access the online shop. For Clint, Corteiz is like a membership club that everyone wants to join, a “door selection” that allows the brand to let in only those who really believe in its values and ideals. 


The great bolo exchange took place in West London January this year where Corteiz offered people a chance to exchange their pricey jackets new ‘Bolo’ puffer jacket. After posting the location on socials within minutes hundreds of Corteiz supporters arrived for a chance to get their hands on their newest bolo puffer. Corteiz refused to accept exchanges from Black-owned UK brands, such as Trapstar, Benjart or PLACES+FACES, instead only taking authentic swaps from bigger-scale corporate brands. The label’s following duly bought into the hype, with jackets such as Nike’s NOCTA puffer jacket, currently valued at over £700 on StockX, happily being swapped for Bolo jackets. Clint, announced that £16,000 worth of coats from the exchange have now been given to St. Lawrence’s Larder a charity that is dedicated to providing meals to the homeless.

In September 2021, the brand had gained 90,000 followers and was seen to been worn by celebrities such as Dave, Slowthai, Jorja Smith and many more influential faces within the UK music scene. Dave’s latest song “Starlight” has over 27 million views for his music video and is currently number one for YouTube top music video. This has been a big brand promotion for Corteiz as it features Clint and Dave in a luxury apartment wearing multiple items from his latest designs such as the bright pink jacket, pink T-shirt and cap along with other streetwear brands such as stone island.

“It’s not about being rich and being able to afford it but rather being part of the community and therefore being in the know.”

Felix Katt
Central See
Jorja Smith

The brand and movement is constantly spreading from all over the UK to across Europe and the USA. A pair of Corteiz ‘Rules The World’ socks were seen at the 2021 Met Gala on the feet of Virgil Abloh, who wore them with his Louis Vuitton suit and custom Air Force 1’s. Virgil Abloh was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. He was the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection beginning in 2018 7.2 million Instagram followers. Clint’s brand is a new kind of modern streetwear brand that is keen to set itself apart from other players in a global streetwear industry worth $185 billion. Corteiz is showing no sign of slowing down and at this speed and intensity, it is well and truly on track to ruling the world of fashion.

Leah Payne