#TheStreetScene A playful commitment to sustainability: Good News x H&M

Combining together to make a smaller environmental footprint

H&M have recently announced its latest collaboration with British footwear brand Good News, who are best known for their playful, retro-inspired trainers with a firm commitment to sustainability. The collaboration features high-tech materials such as Bananatex, which is a fibre made from banana plants, and Vegea, which is vegan grape leather.

Image from H&M

Founded by Nia Jones and Ben Tattersall in 2016, Good News is a London-based footwear brand with a conscience. After seeing how much of a problem the amount of waste produced by the footwear industry actually was, the two friends founded the brand to “bring the world a little bit of good news”. Good News are always exploring new materials to use for their shoes, clearly showing their dedication of reaching the top of the fashion industry, but to also help save the planet at the same time.

“We are very proud to be collaborating with H&M, pushing one of the giants to look at every component of a shoe. It was important for us to make the collection as sustainable as possible while still looking fun and cool” says Nia Jones, co-founder of Good News.

Image from H&M

The unisex collection of trainers comes with a smaller environmental footprint – something which a lot of brands are turning towards nowadays. The seven vibrant styles of trainers and one pair of sliders are inspired from the 70s, each of these having their own sustainable elements, such as recycled rubber soles and recycled cotton. Three other styles are featured in a kids’ collection, meaning that there’s something for everyone!

Ben Tattersall, co-founder of Good News explains “Hopefully we can inspire action and change for other brands. We all need to work alongside each other to help create a positive change. The world needs unity right now rather than competing against each other.”

Image from H&M

This collaboration between Good News and H&M furthers both companies’ aim of becoming circular in all their processes, and hopefully we see this continue with other fashion brands on the high street.

The unisex collection will be available on hm.com from 1st April.

Written by Matthew Nicoll for #TheStreetScene