Throwback Thursday: Y2K Is Back And Better Than Ever

As we all know, Tik Tok is one of the biggest social media platforms on the scene right now, and everyone is talking about it. A recent fashion statement which I’m sure you would’ve heard of is now becoming one of the most talked out trends right now, that being Y2K. This article is going to give you all the goss on Y2K and tell you the latest styling tips and tricks on how to achieve this noughties look.


Paris Hilton was the it-girl of the naughtiness, popularizing all the main trends from mini skirts to juicy couture tracksuits. The return of y2k has got Paris talking about her favourite styles, designer bags and looks we all went mad for in the 00’s. In a recent interview with Vouge, Paris was asked what she thought the key to pulling off the Y2K style was, as she has rocked every look in the book. She said, ‘It’s really about just being as extra as possible. With social media, it’s really important to have exciting pieces that are going to be really beautiful visually, in a photo or on Snapchat or TikTok. With fashion right now, people just want to show off what they have in their content, so it’s important to wear something that will grab your eye and attention.’ 

One of Paris’ many 2000s fashion talents was to even make a tracksuit look stylish. She was photographed in many tracksuits in the 2000s, mostly Juicy Couture – which is one of her number 1 Y2K styles. They were always soft and matching in colour – usually with a bit of tummy skin showing. She was able to make comfort look high-end. With the likes of Tik Tok, these tracksuits have bounced back into the fashion world and are now getting resold in shops such as Urban Outfitters and other depop shops too. 


Y2K is retro, colourful and stylish and with this vintage trend coming back into fashion, here are our top pieces for you to style together for a look that take you right back to the 2000’s whilst being a fashion icon in this day and age. 


The return of low waisted jeans is a touchy subject for a few, and even I was sceptical about their comeback, however they have turned the fashion world around once again and these jeans are EVERYWHERE. Back in the fay, low waisted jeans and flares were the epitome of Y2K fashion and after seeing many fashion icons, Instagram influencers and celebs such as Bella Hadid wearing them again, they are now being sold wherever you go. They can be worn in many ways, for a more casual look pair them with a graphic tee, puffer jacket and some Jordan’s or to dress them up pair them with a corset top, some heels and an oversized PU jacket.


Shoulder bags are probably the most worn bag this year, and we are so here for it. Whilst many celebrities can now be seen with the revived version of the Dior Saddle bag, which was first introduced by John Galliano in 1999, these cute little bags can be seen all over Depop as well as featuring new in many high street stores such as Urban Outfitters and Bershka. Shoulder bags are perf for a night out where you only need your phone, cards and a lip gloss to touch up and are also amazing for styling outfits together. Any colour, design or print you can think of there is probably a shoulder bag for it, so get your outfit ready and pair it with one of these to tie your Y2K outfits together.


Alongside baggy jeans, mini skirts are being worn every day. Although it could be argued that mini skirts never went out of fashion, specific y2k mini skirts now involve ultra tiny denim belted skirts and pleated white tennis skirts, which I’m sure you have seen everywhere. Because of Tik Tok now being our main fashion inspo, the likes of the Slazenger tennis skirt are coming to play, giving a twist on the classic mini skirt look.

Whether it is bulking it up with designer pieces, playing with blinged up outfits, indulging in the world of Juicy tracksuits or just switching up the style in this horrific year, y2K is back and we are more than ready for it.