Time to Experiment! Switching up your Aesthetic

As Fashion Students, we don’t think anyone should stick to one aesthetic. Fashion should be about freedom of expression which is why putting any form of limit on your wardrobe is basically a crime against the Fashion Gods. As we’re sure you’re aware there are infinite forms of style and aesthetic, which is why the more experimenting, the better. Who doesn’t want to find their new favourite fit, right?

Written by Lucas Smith

Mixing formal into casual

Who said you can’t be runway ready with sweatpants and trainers?

This is a wide spectrum, as both adjective cover a wide range of aesthetics but here are a few items of clothing most people would never normally mix up. A shirt is typically saved for special occasions, however layering a plain or patterned shirt under your favourite band T-shirt adds something a little unique to your outfit. Suit trousers, typically wide leg, complement a more casual ensemble of your favourite trainers and layered t shirts. Maybe the odd chain from trousers to neck to complete the look. Finally, an oversized blazer with joggers and trainers. Not the combination our parents would approve of but found to be a super aesthetically pleasing combo. Maybe take the extra touch of style with a heal instead.

Accessory Overload

‘Tis the season to accessory OVERLOAD

We’d like to declare that what was left of 2020 was the year of accessories. It’s time to switch up your jewellery, bags and hats because it might be the difference between a hit or a miss. Matching  and contrasting the colours and tones in an outfit with your jewellery will help with how much you want your bling to stand out. In our opinion, the more contrasts to better. Thinking slightly outside the box, permanent accessories are also an option. These include cutting or dyeing your hair, getting that beautiful tattoo you always dreamed of (or choosing one ready for when you can get it post-quarantine) and I finally getting a new piercing literally anywhere you want. Although we call these aesthetic-switch-ups ‘permanent’ they’re just more permanent than a new outfit combo and can be changed eventually. Thats the beauty of style, after all. Thinking even further out of the box, statement pieces like accessories shouldn’t have any rules on where you can wear them. Throw a necklace around your ankle with a trainer and shorts look. Be brave with your choices and set the bar high!

Playing with Colour and Texture Combinations

Maybe on the more extreme side of Fashion, but you get the idea

This, in my opinion, is where you really get to choose how much you want to stand out. Our favourite experimental look for you to venture into would be a monochromatic outfit from head to toe with that one explosively colourful statement piece to show off, with a stylish blend of various textures of a single colour as the perfect background. This brings me into the topic of how powerful of an effect layering textures can have on an outfit, as it shows your way of looking at Fashion in new dimensions. Finally, we would like to remind you that a colour wheel is your best friend. If you’re ever struggling in figuring out combinations to make you stand out, just look at what colours are opposite from each other and experiment with how apparent you want to make the colour contrasts. 

Remember that Fashion has no rules and should only be about expressing yourself in any way you want and make sure you have fun with it!

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