To celebrate the original supermodel Naomi Campbell’s birthday this month we celebrate all the catwalk queens making a comeback

This year for the fall 2020 collections we have finally started to see wider age range of models take to the catwalks. It seems these fashion houses have realised that women do exist over the age of 25!

Models between the ages of 30-40 have been seen frequently this year as we saw Freja Beha, 32, open and close the show for Micheal Kors; as well as Natalia Vodianova, 38, walk the runway at Tory Burch in New York. Considering a lot of the audiences at these runways are over the age of 25 themselves its refreshing to see an older face representing these famous brand we love.

Naomi Campbell walking for Vivienne Westwood in 1993.

It seems Naomi Campbell the catwalk queen herself is feeling nostalgic this year as she will be celebrating her 50th birthday on May 22nd. Last month she shared this picture along with a video on her Instagram where she tripped over in 1993 whilst walking for Vivienne Westwood. She captioned her post, “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”- Nelson Mandela. Campbell talking about still doing catwalks said, “It’s still fun to do it, especially for friends and people that you’ve grown up with”. “I still have the enthusiasm when I’m asked to do a show. But I’m still extremely nervous . . . because I want to be the best I can for them”.

Naomi Campbell did her own hair, makeup and styling before shooting on an Iphone at home to make the front cover of ESSENCE Magazine as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary issue. Campbell posted the cover on her Instagram this morning where she said, “It was a very special honour and unusual experience for me to be able to shoot and style my own cover for Essence’ 50th Anniversary Issue”. “While it was a sad reminder for me of all the people in media and production who are not able to work due to the coronavirus, it also brought me hope and encouragement to know that our people and our infrastructures are resilient.”

Lara Stone walking in Valentino show for Fall/Winter 2020/21 in Paris, France.

Dutch model Lara Stone, 36, walked for the Valentino show along side others. She said “It is the first time I have ever been cast for Valentino, so I am delighted”, she also explained that some younger models weren’t even born when her modelling career took off, yet they were wearing Valentino before her. “Even better, I get to see some of my old friends from my original runway days well over a decade ago”. And why not bring back some of these famous faces we all knew and loved!

According to the fashion search engine Tagwalk, this season has seen the greatest number of older models cast in shows yet. 42 older models walked for the fall 2020 collections by the final few days of Paris Fashion Week, versus 30 models in the spring 2020 collections. 31 were seen for the fall 2019 season a year ago. Virgil Abloh the chief executive officer for Off-White had the largest number of runway veterans in a single show. Eight older models including Carolyn Murphy, 45, and Isabeli Fontana, 36, were involved.

Carolyn Murphy walking for Off-White, fall 2020.
Doutzen Kroes, Isabel Marant, fall 2020.

It seems for fashion that age has become the next topic of inclusivity. After this years fashion week it seems even Forbes were seeing 50 as the new 30 as they had introduced a “50 over 50” list dedicated to women “who have achieved significant success later in life”.

For the Balmain creative director Mr. Rousteing using older models made for a nostalgia factor. Many of the comeback characters this season were never part of the anonymous 1990s waif wave. Instead he thinks “many of these women, with their athleticism, natural beauty and distinctive personalities, shaped his earliest sense of powerful femininity”. “I think we are living in a moment where we need to push examples of strong women to the front of the pack,”. “There is something wonderful about putting models of different ages and from different eras who previously defined runway fashion up alongside the younger girls today who are half their age.” Mr. Rousteing said in an interview.

We hope to see more of the catwalk queens making a comeback when they can hit the runways again!

By Megan Summers