Too colourful to spook

With every occasion there are specific colours associated, and this comes out in fashion. With Halloween right around the corner, this is being proven on our instagram feeds. However, as fashion enthusiasts, Carbon understands the psychology of why certain colours are associated with Halloween.

Thats right! Fashion psychology is a growing industry and shows how much of what we wear is, to a large extent, outside the control of our conscious minds. Almost as spooky as Halloween!

Here are 5 Halloween colours, for your costume, and what they mean:

1) Purple

Purple is known as a Halloween colour, mainly on witches costumes. In psychology, purple is associated with magic, mystery and spiritualism. Legend has it, purple was used to mark the doors of witches. No wonder this colour is spooky.

2) Orange

Probably the most obvious, orange always comes out this time of year. Whether that’s in our wardrobes or our pumpkin carvings on the doorstop. And this is exactly why orange is a halloween colour. It represents the colour-changing leaves and the fire that warms our night. However, orange functions with…

3) Black

Black and orange were intentionally chosen for halloween because they function as “opposites.” Black naturally has a spooky-edge, being associated with darkness and evil, helping to explain the fascination with this holiday. Black cats are suddenly a lot more scary in October.

4) Green

Green sure does catch you eye when it comes to Halloween. The darker shades for witches skin, and lighter shades for the potions. It does have a history with evil monsters!

5) Red

Red is the perfect colour for halloween. While representing fear, it also represents how daring this holiday really is. Red needs to be on your costume this Halloween.

Halloween certainly has a varied colour palette, but if you want to use meaning behind your costume, fashion psychology is the way to go. Find your personality in your costume!

By Sofia Wells