Top 10 celebs wearing DM’s!

Doc Martens are one of the most successful shoe brands to exist. They ooze power, history and fashion. Let’s take a look back on where it all began and have a look at our top 10 looks with the boots!

The roots of Doc Marten boots stems back in the 1960’s in Northhamptonshire. Bill Griggs’ family had been involved in creating shoes since 1901. He saw an advert of shoes with air-cushioned soles by Klause Martens. This all started when Klause went skiing in the alpes and ended up in a severe accident, and hurt his foot. It was at this time, his brain clicked and he knew that he found a gap in the market. He had to make an air cushioned sole. Griggs and Klause came together and made some design modifications, specifically the iconic yellow stitching, and the first boot was launched April 1st, 1960, and since then, Doc Martens haven’t looked back.

Doc Martens were and still are huge in London, especially Camden Town; home of the punks. The boots began to be worn by Skinheads, but mainly the fashion version started this which then lead to the fascist version (many get these mixed up). The skinheads were against the hippies and these boots made them feel so powerful. As time went on and music became a huge part of the rock n roll scene, icons such as Pete Townshend from The Who were identified wearing Doc Marten’s all day, everyday. This spoke to the fans and kids, and the boots were seen everywhere. They made a statement to the working class.

As time went on, punks adapted the fashion of the boots, and you can still see this today in Camden Town. They adapted this street attitude and the boots picked up on this rebellious aspect of life. Many believe that punks were and are nothing but people with safety pins, Mohawks and negativity when actually the whole point was about individuality, freedom and empowerment. Their staple identity was the Doc Martens and without these, they were nothing.

From rebelling against the hippies, to representing Punk’s freedom, the Doc Marten boots have served us well and still are an iconic staple within fashion. Celebs from the alternative scene such as Frank Iero to celebs in reality; The Kardashians all share the love for Doc Martens. To reminisce on the iconic boot, lets take a look at the top 10 looks with Docs that various celebrities serve us over the years.

  1. The Sex Pistols

2. Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend from the iconic rock band The Who was one of the first icons in rock to wear Doc Martens, making everyones heads turn and realise they are more than just shoes. They were a statement.

3. Frank Carter

Frank Carter, singer and tattoo artist, is also a great example of one wearing Doc Martens. With his heavy influence from the previous bands and more modern alternative bands, he pairs doc martens with loud patterns such as any animal print, making his fashion stand out. He shows that docs can be worn with any pattern, colour or style and even presented us with some iconic zebra striped docs. Rock n’ roll, right?

4. Adwoah Aboah

Adowah Aboah is a British fashion model who is most known for her appearance on the cover of British Vogue and i-D Magazine. Her edgy style always keeps us on our toes and she is always seen in different Docs, all shapes and sizes. But our personal favourite is the platform green pair she is seen stomping down the streets of London in for Fashion Week 2018. Just casual for her really, and we live for it!

5. Frank Iero.

Back to our emo roots now, looking at My Chemical Romance’s very own Frank Iero. Iero has shown us an evolution of alternative style over the years but he is always quick to pair his outfit with DM’s. We notice his contrasting laces which link back to the history of Docs back in the 70’s.

6. Eddie Vedder.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder really pushed the DM’s through to the grunge era and created a whole new rough aesthetic with the boots. The baggy shorts, plaid shirts, socks and boots are a go to for a real grunge look.

7. Hayley Williams

Back in the 2010’s, coloured DM’s were all the rage! Especially as seen on Hayley Williams. It seemed her shoes always matched her forever changing colour hair which we still obsess over now! In an alternative world, Hayley shows us that colour can still be interpreted within alternative fashion.

8. Avril Lavigne

Looking back into the early 2000’s, singer song-writer Avril Lavinge was one of the first women to dress alternative in the lime light at such a young age. She paired bracelets, graphic tees and even dresses on the red carpet with pairs of Doc Martens laced up in different ways and in of course different colours. We love the versatility!

9. Miley Cyrus

Remember back in 2013 when Miley reinvented herself from Hannah, yeah… we do too! In her video for Wrecking ball, she was seen in just a white ensemble with matte maroon DM’s, making the focal point all on the shoe. The video shows female empowerment and strength, which really resonates with the power of Doc Martens.

10. The Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s.

Both Kourtney and Kendall have been spotted wearing the iconic boots. They both have taken the rebellious boot and made them classy, sophisticated but still with that edge to them with the pairing of flares, sunglasses and over-sized jumpers. We love these looks because they show the true versatility of DM’s and how they can be fresh and adaptable to today’s modern fashion.

From Skinheads, Punks to the modern world of fashion, Doc Martens have served us fashion for years now. These pictures just show us a snippet of how the shoes have stayed relevant all this time and how they suit a variation of styles. Don’t shy away from them! Make them your own!

Written by Tara Larkin.