Top 10 things we love about Lil Peep’s Fashion

Lil Peep

As well as being an incredible rapper who introduced us to the world of Emo rap, Lil Peep was renowned for his alternative fashion sense. He was always experimenting with colours, layers and was never scared to be different. So here are our top 10 elements of Peep’s wardrobe!

His music had influence from artists such as Gucci Mane to My Chemical Romance. Peep blurred the boundaries between genre in both music and fashion, and he is now remembered as an alternative inspiration. He delved so deep into the world, that he even appeared in Paris Fashion Week 2017, doing shoots, walking for designers such as Balmain, and even sitting front row. He was anarchic and unapologetic, and that was the Gus that we all loved.

‘It’s my mixed influences and my morals. It’s kind of like no other hip-hop artists are willing to do the sh*t that I’m willing to do in fashion. I can say that with confidence. Breaking boundaries is my main goal.’

Lil Peep, GQ Magazine, August 18 2017.
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1. Use of baggy tees.

Tees can be a flop. They can be seen as a comfy piece of clothing with no real purpose, but Peep used the baggy fit to create an edgy, alternative appearance. Peep always wore them with pride, layering them with other items and always providing us with a Gothic piece of typography, really creating his whole aesthetic.

2. Hair colour.

Hair colour can be something that we all shy away from, we do not want to look too much. But as said before, Peep was unapologetic. He dyed his hair all the colours of the rainbow, making outfits sync with his hair colour, creating a whole new colour palette to his wardrobe every month!

3. Colour overall.

Aside from just hair colour, colour was a whole new realm to peep. He immersed himself into all coloured outfits, showing the world that the label emo does not have to just associate itself with black. Peep began creating a new label of his own with his hardcore fashion combined with colours, making people confused but excited.

4. Imperfect Handmade Elements.

Regarding Peep, being imperfect was our kind of perfect. He never appealed to polished, slick looks. He experimented with layers, typography, and any graphical texture he could get his hands on. He would use the idea of layering to alter his own pieces, adding words onto jackets, sticking safety pins through anything, or even using just a sharpie to make them uniquely his own. This created the handmade appeal, which we still see through brands today (Depop and Urban Outfitters).

5. Accessories.

We love how Peep always added a variety of accessories to his fits whether they be sunglasses of all sizes, pins, badges, chains or even his famous pink grillz! His accessories add to the rebellious aesthetic that he always served us, despite being a total sweetheart!

6. Tattoos.

A main staple of Peep’s look was obviously one thing, and one thing only. His tattoos! Even though tattoos are a body modification, they definitely add to someone’s image. At the time, it was unheard of for anyone to have face tattoos. Peep was the one who introduced this to the scene, and we are living for it. The number of guts he had to do this to really push his image out there and to determine that this is what he wanted to do for his life. Make music.

7. Pink, pink, pink!

Baby pink almost became Peep’s trademark colour! He always had some glimpse of pink in his fits, breaking boundaries and the misconception that pink is only for females.

8. Patterns.

Patterns and textures were also a solid part of Peep’s fashion, from tartan to leather, he mixed and matched different pieces to make them stand out.

9. Turtlenecks.

The final thing we adore about Peep’s fashion was his use of turtlenecks. These are always shied away from, especially from males but Peep almost reinvented them. They defined his facial structure and added a more sophisticated piece to his mix and match aesthetic.

10. Character involvement.

Peep always had some element of a cartoon character in his outfits, which linked to his childhood, making the outfits act as a flashback. The involvement of these characters really gave a y2k feel to the entire ensembles.

In just 21 years, Peep served us with the most outrageous, but iconic mix n’ match pieces to enter alternative fashion. He reassociated meaning to the label ‘emo’ and has left such a staple in the fashion and music industry. Go on Tik Tok now and see how many teens are influenced by this imperfect fashion style!

Written by Tara Larkin.