Under-appreciated Fashionista – Jodie Comer

Comer is known all over the world as a very talented actress, most known for her role in TV drama Killing Eve as leading character Villanelle. Recently, Comer has taken on the role of real historical figure Marguerite de Carrouges In the upcoming 2021 film ‘The Last Duel’ released on Friday the 15th of October. With Recent press surrounding her growth in the film industry, we began to look at some of her previous styling choices to come to the conclusion that she is very underappreciated within the fashion world and media. 

Some of our favourite previous outfits from Jodie Comer include her magnificent satin emerald green gown which she wore to the 2020 Golden Globes. This A-line style creates a flowing regal look with a high neckline and puffed bold shoulders paired with beautiful statement diamond studs and fuchsia pink heels. This colour balancing matches perfectly and compliments her skin tone beautifully. 

Another beautiful gown worn by Comer was a plunging V-neck deep red Alberta Ferretti to the Virgin TV Bafta Awards in 2017. Not only did this gown look incredibly stunning on her, but she also styled it with silver diamanté bracelets and earrings with a subtle make up look and pale pink lipstick. 

And finally, one of our favourite looks by Comer is this gorgeous strapless black embellished gown by Victoria Beckham to the premiere of Killing Eve season 2 in 2019. With more of an understated tone compared to the previous two, Comer shows she doesn’t need ballgowns to create a jaw-dropping look. Paired with strappy black heels and pastel blue hooped earrings.

Which one of Comer’s looks is your favourite?

Abby Prowse