Versace Looks of All Time

The established brand is known for risque clothing throughout the decades, take a look with us into our favourite looks…

As we see the recycle of trends, we notice similar patterns that reoccur on today’s catwalk. Versace is a brand that’s style is copied by high-street brands, amongst others, and we see these trends filter down into our shopping baskets and favourite stores.

Recent shows events and awards and runways have SLAYED since the nineties, emulating the same seductive Italian vibe that we all know and love.

Most recent being Lil Nas at the Grammy’s, paying tribute to his double award-winning single “Old Town Road”, by wearing a cowboy-inspired outfit.

Jennifer Lopez walked the runway wearing the iconic leaf-print dress that became the reason for reverse google image search. After the catwalk show, the dress was retailing for around $7,000.

As Versace progresses into ’20s 2.0, we are seeing the reoccurring trends of leather, gold, chiffon and crystal.

With 2020 now in full blast and as we have entered the second month, we await for more looks that make us drool!….