What to expect from Next in Fashion

judges from show Next in Fashion

Alexa Chung and Tan France

Next in Fashion is a new series out on Netflix. The show consists of 18 fashion designers battling to win $250,000. In each episode they take part in different challenges to test their technical and creative skills. The series is hosted by designer Alexa Chung and Queer Eye’s Tan France, each episode they are joined by guest judges to help eliminate and reward the designers.

The contestants for this show are not amateurs, some have been ghost designers, some already have their own brand and most of them have had a top-tier fashion education. So they all know what they are doing, the show exists to improve upon their already existing career.

Netflix describes the show: “Designers team up to create visionary looks that work for absolutely everyone in this competition series”. Next in Fashion is about creativity, design and craftsmanship, the designers create some stunning garments while they struggle to work in pairs as well as on their own. You should expect drama, hard working individuals and some show stopping garments. Over the 10 episodes the designers work hard to create unique forward thinking fashion whilst sticking to a theme.

This show is perfect for people who respect fashion and artistry, you can see how hard the designers work to create some amazing designs that could evolve the fashion industry.

By Eva McLennan