What’s trending? Rise of reworked fashion

What is reworked fashion?

Reworked fashion is simple really. It just requires taking maybe an old or less worn clothing item and adding something to it. Maybe cutting it and putting elastic in the hem to give it a twist. It’s almost like just changing the design a little to make it more personal.

With younger people striving for their fashion pieces to always have something that is more unique to them reworked fashion has risen. Whether you buy it reworked or rework it yourself, it sets you aside from the crowd.

There’s so many ways to rework clothes that there’s really no limit of what reworked clothes is. Some simply just crop a top to give it a twist. Other options could include a bit more technical with cutting and stitching. Patches, embroidery or even cutting two different tops in half and sewing them together. Anything works.

Reworked vintage Nike sweatshirt

While lockdown has started to lift, people are finally being able to get back into their wardrobe. Dressing up and putting that effort in again has never felt so good. Now is a better time than ever to really stand out and make your fashion personal to you. Reworking it could be the difference between blending in and standing out. Even as simple as an iron patch or bleaching/tie dying it can get you a compliment and make you love your outfit.

As much as the reworking can be simple. There’s also the approach of completely transforming a piece into something into a whole new piece of clothing. Shown above is an example of being able to buy this. Obviously doing this may require gathering other materials, but it clearly pays off.

Where can you find reworked clothes?

If doing it yourself isn’t your speed you can find reworked clothes everywhere. Depop, Ebay, Etsy and even Urban Outfitters all gave amazing options of reworked clothes.

There’s also the element of it being much more eco friendly to up-cycle and rework older clothes that maybe you don’t wear. Turning them into something new and better than you could love. It’s worth giving it a try and seeing how it works out.

By Jasmin