What’s trending? Unxpectd – The brand built by TikTok

At the beginning of the year I stumbled across a new brand trying to gain exposure through TikTok. The brand being Unxpectd. At the time they still had a small following but were doing well enough that their first collection release had sold out.

Created and ran by three high school seniors, Unxpectd clothing is all made out of a basement. Finley, Hunter and Ryan who all take part in making the hoodies and coming up with designs for them. However, despite their young age and place of working they come with the promise of high quality products and they definitely deliver.

In March they had their second collection release. With that I took the opportunity to buy a hoodie that has became their most iconic product. The cost was 75 dollars which in pounds is around the £60 mark. Not the most expensive but for a small business it is a little high of a price than you might expect.

While it took especially long for shipping due to COVID-19. The wait was definitely worth it. As a lover of hoodies in general I was beyond happy to add this to my collection. It’s comfy, soft and well made.

Quite strategically Unxpectd not only used TikTok as a platform to promote their brand, but they began sending products out to TikTok stars. From that they increased in exposure and grew in following.

Their third release has been the biggest with the widest range of items, some of which sold out within hours.

“Lost in my mind” Hoodie

Above is the newest most popular hoodie which they made sure had the largest stock of. A twist on tie dye, it’s not something you’ll find anywhere else.

While I found their customer service could do with some major improvements with response time and response at all. It’s excusable with their limited time and they’re still finding their feet in managing a business.

If you’re looking for something new and different that’s good quality there’s no doubt Unxpectd won’t let you down.

Find their products and check out their instagram for a peak at what they might be releasing next

Website – https://unxpectd.co

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/unxpectd/