Where to Shop Online for Vintage Clothes

Being sat at home during lockdowns we no longer have our shopping trips to charity and vintage shops with the hopes of finding super unique and fun pieces of clothing. Turning to online shops to carry on our obsession for rare statement pieces, sometimes you’re stuck baffled with not knowing whether its official or someone just trying to make some quick cash with fake pieces. That being said, I have gathered the top 10 trustworthy online vintage shops.  

  1. ASOS Marketplace – https://marketplace.asos.com

ASOS Marketplace believe they stand out by providing a unique product range including vintage 90s sportswear from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Champion as well as providing new designs from international boutiques.

2. Beyond Retro – https://www.beyondretro.com

Beyond Retro focus a lot on trends. They want to source what’s seen on fashion runways, global street style and edgy editorial as well as determining what will be the next trend so they have it ready for when customers are chasing for it. 

3. Vintage Threads – https://vintage-threads.com

Vintage Threads goal is to provide real and affordable vintage clothes and to be a company that customers can engage with and trust. They specialise in 90s sportswear and classic preppy streetwear, showcasing this with a variety of brands including Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Fila, Ralph Lauren and so many more.

4. Fat Buddha Vintage – https://www.fatbuddhavintage.co.uk

Fat Buddha encourage their online customers to shop sustainably from their variety of brands including Adidas, Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, Dickies, Kappa, NBA, The North Face and so many more.

5. True Vintage – https://www.truevintage.com

True Vintage helps customers show their passion for loud stand-out designs and giving them the feeling of wearing something that no one else will have. They believe to be at the forefront of the global vintage clothing market. This is done by providing high quality vintage clothing, a variety of brands and sourcing rare and iconic pieces.

6. Thrifted – https://www.thrifted.com

Thrifted is creating their movement by standing against fast fashion and its effect on the world. They want to give used clothing another chance at being worn and being admired.

7. We Are Cow – https://wearecow.com

We Are Cow is an online vintage store where they have selected their favourite pieces from their in-store selection. They also provide a reworked range, offering you the chance to be completely unique where you’ll stand out in a crowd. We Are Cow look at the next season catwalks, street style, influencers and their own customers to keep up to date with the sustainable items.

8. Brag Vintage – https://www.bragvintage.co.uk

Brag Vintage has quickly become one of the largest online vintage clothing stores in the UK. They carefully pick out and source only the highest-grade clothing, as well as constantly on the lookout for the freshest items and trends in the industry.

9. Depop – https://www.depop.com

Depop provides a global community where you can connect with other sellers and buyers. It is an app where you can discover unique items, designers, collectors, vintage sellers, sneakerheads and more. Depop is a continuously growing community where you will always find what your inner fashion heart desires.

10. Rokit – https://www.rokit.co.uk

Rokit hand pick, clean and press each of their items with style conscious, environmentally aware vintage lovers in mind. Their collection provides only the best retro clothes and vintage fashion, so you stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at these online fashion retailers and you will for sure leave with a full shopping basket with unique pieces.

Written by Anya Wyeth

Image source: Pinterest, official online shop website