Which Designer Girl Are You?

Each fashion designer has their own aesthetic and style that has helped to shape the brand over the past number of decades. On Twitter, there has been much discussion about which fashion designer people believe they suit the most.

Is your aesthetic more classy and structured? Or more unhinged and grunge? Find out below which designer suits you best…


If you want a classic Chanel Girl then look no further than Lily-Rose Depp (pictured to the right at the Met Gala). Always adorned in the latest Chanel pieces, she is Virginie Viard’s most desired muse. Classic vintage Chanel is all about tweed, the Little Black Dress and matching Co-Ord suit sets. So if this sounds like you, you may be a classy Chanel girl at heart who was born to graze the streets of Paris in tweed and chenille.

Modern Chanel still pays homage to Coco Chanel’s and Karl Lagerfeld’s designs with added bling and glitz. It’s all about short skirts, berets, clutch bags, high heels and gold jewellery everywhere. Just take a look at Lily’s Instagram to see what we mean. The style is gossip-girl-esque with lots of pink, white and fluffy, soft materials. But the other side of Chanel is classically sexy with motifs of black and gold luxury splendor.

There’s two sides to the Chanel Girl – sweet and classy, then sexy and luxurious. Overall though, she is coquette-ish, delicate and has an all-around Parisian aesthetic to her. She greets everyone politely and always hugs them goodbye. She drinks green tea and makes green smoothies on the weekend. In the week she works hard in smart suits and workwear. She’s always getting compliments on her oufit, even when she’s at work…

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” 

Coco Chanel


Blumarine is all about the y2k kitsch look (AKA they take their inspiration from the 2000s and childlike patterns such as florals and butterfly motifs).

The Blumarine Girl is a little quirky – she’s not afraid of colour by any means, in fact her favourite colour is most likely baby pink or blue. All of their clothes are extremely girly and flowy, with tight fitting clothes rarely in sight. If you like colour, chiffon, satin and cutesy styles, then you may be a Blumarine Girl at heart.

Butterflies are a huge part of their design style, with either them or flowers on almost every piece they make. Their clothes are sweet and almost young in look, creating a soft and baby-ish aesthetic for the girl that wears their clothes.

Throw on a satin slip dress, a fluffy cardigan and some y2k sunglasses and you set to set your mark as THE Blumarine Girl of this decade. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next Lily-Rose Depp of Blumarine…

 “My Blumarine is more dirty, bitchy, sexier.”

Nicola Brognano


The Gucci Girl is confident and expressive. She’s not afraid to stick up for what she believes in, wear whatever the hell she desires, dress up just to go to the petrol station, do her make-up in a new weird way every day or post photos dumps weekly on her private Instagram.

She’s likely best friends with a Chanel Girl as they share the classy, golden and luxurious aspects of each brand, but the Gucci Girl is a little quirkier. One day she’ll wear a classy mini skirt with patterned tights and simple jacket, then the other she’ll be wearing pattern on pattern (particulatly the Gucci Monogram if she’s a SUPER Gucci Girl).

It’s hard to call yourself a Gucci Girl if you don’t like sports such as Horse Riding and Polo. They’re huge motifs throughout the Gucci brand and are the backbone for lots of the classic pieces. They’re a little old-fashioned sometimes, and have a penchant for darker earthy colours like khaki, greens and browns. They have quite a British vibe to their wardrobe and may also be huge fans of brands like Burberry too.

Much like Chanel again, there are two sides to a Gucci Girl. She can be classy, simplistic and British. But she can also be outlandish, confident and creative in her clothes.

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

Aldo Gucci


As pioneers of French fashion design and Haute Couture, Christian Dior clothing shares many traits with Chanel’s. Also priding themselves on the coquette-ish classy rich girl aesthetic, Dior also has a huge love for white and pink.

Their designs are often a little more creative and texturised than Chanel’s , and sometimes create more of a statement. So the Dior Girl is more of a brave and varied individual, but at her centre, she is a lover of pink. Her lips are always glossy and her cheeks always a little flushed.

Dior’s make-up line is perhaps one of the most raved-about designer lines within the make-up industry. The Dior Lip Oil and Miss Dior perfume are essentials in the Dior Girl’s handbag (which is most likely a classic saddle bag).

The entire aesthetic of the Dior Girl can be summed up with gloss, sparkles, pink, long gloves, diamanté and chiffon. Her dresses fit her perfectly and hug every inch of her figure. She always looks put together, and never leaves the house without at least half a face of make-up on. The Dior Girl is classy, angelic, girly and is basically a stylish Princess.

“Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.”

Christian Dior


There’s two words that perfectly sum up the Mugler Girl: Sex Bomb. Mugler prides itself on creating clothes that enhance women’s confidence and sex appeal. Their clothes create stunning shapes to work with the wearer’s figure and give them a self esteem boost. Not that the Mugler girl needs a boost though… she’s very sure of herself, loves to embrace how her body looks and is always looking to wear something that makes her feel even sexier than she already does.

The Mugler girl is incredibly sure of herself but is a little scared of bright colours – she tends to go for blacks, whites and sparkly silvers. She owns way too many pairs of tights, corsets and bodysuits. Dressing down? She doesn’t know what that is. Every outfit is sexy and thought-out before hand. She knows hot to show off her assets and isn’t afraid to do so!

Her hair is often sleek and simple, as the attention is all on her clothes. A night out is her favourite thing to do as she can wear that dress that hugs her figure perfectly.

Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian are huge Mugler Girls and you’ll often find

The Mugler girl is confident, sexy, ambitious and unafraid.

“The potential of your body is endless.”

Thierry Mugler


In honour of the brand’s founder Lee Alexander McQueen, the McQueen Girl is a huge activist. First and foremost, she stands up for what she believes in, she only wears ethical slow-fashion clothing and regularly posts accurate information all over her social media to spread the word about important issues. Much like her beliefs, her clothes are never subtle – they always make some sort of statement.

Volume, textures, diamante appliques and lots of leather, this girl is edgy and gothic. She is a romantic, but serious and determined. If she likes the look of something, she’ll find a way to make it work. There’s never a dull outfit day for the McQueen girl.

Her outfits tell stories and help her stand out from the crowd, which is exactly what she wants. She loves a skull motif, and owns way too many leather jackets.

Many people find her to be very quirky and edgy from her head to her toes, including her dark and often dramatic make-up. A statement shoe, handbag or necklace is always thrown on before she leave the house. This girl doesn’t do quiet and simple.

She’s confident, dark, and mysterious. Nobody knows her as well as they think they do. Whenever she walks all you can hear is the beginning of a rock album.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it” 

Lee Alexander McQueen


Just a few of Donatella’s muses include Gigi & Bella Hadid, Emily Ratakjowski and Vittoria Ceretti. There’s only one word needed to sum up Versace: SILK. SILK. SILK.

Crosses, lace, leather, satin and glitter are the back bone to the Versace girl’s wardrobe. She only owns gold jewellery and koves a platform heel. In fact, you will never see her in flats and if you do, somethings very wrong.

She strikes the perfect balance between crazy patterned clothing and simple block colours – she loves a colourful motif or golden details. She likes to show off her curves but in a subtle way by usig silk and satin to hug her figure.

This girl owns too many thigh-high boots and platform heels! But she can’t help it… she just needs them in every single colour available on the light spectrum… what’s wrong with that?

The Versace Girl exudes Italy down to the core – she doesn’t eat pizza if the crust isn/t super thin and the cheese isn’t Italian mozzarella. Pasta is her go-to meal most days. She’s not too hard-working – she may be ambitious and have huge dreams, but she prioritises rest and relaxation. She knows how to chill out and is often praised by her friends for being so calm and collected all the time… even if there is a fashion disaster before leaving the house.

The Versace girl is incredibly sweet, self-driven and happy with herself. She takes pleasure in her time alone and regularly browses the internet for the next satin, leather or silk trend.

“I really want to make clothes that are feminine and help women look beautiful.”

Gianni Versace


Dolce & Gabanna exude sex appeal but in a more subtle way than Mugler do. They love leather, lace and glitter, but they don’t overdo it. Their designs strike a perfect balance between being feminine yet masculine at the same time.

The Dolce & Gabbana girl is very on trend – in fact there’s likely not a trend in the past year that she hasn’t tried out or at least contemplated trying. She’s always down to try out new things and will never shy away from a pattern.

She is likely the most varied and versatile of the Girls in this list. Her style isn’t so set in one aesthetic and she likes to move with the trends. Fur, lace and leather take up big parts of her wardrobe but her favourite piece changes from week to week. One week she may prefer a blazer and the next it’s only sparkly dresses.

She’s unpredictable in a good way. The D&G girl just wants to feel confident and sexy in whatever she wears. It’s effortless to her. She doesn’t want to or need to spend ages picking out her outfit, she just chucks something on and it works perfectly for her. How lucky!

“It’s always the same – all men and women want to be sexy.”

Stefano Gabbana

So which designer girl do you think you are most like? We’ve even added Spotify playlists to each designer so you can really embrace their aesthetic. Search them up on Instagram and Pinterest if you want to find out more about each style!

What other designer do you feel makes clothes made just for you?

By Amy Dulwich