Why Hector Bellerín’s Collection for H&M is Leading the Way for Sustainable High Street Fashion

The professional footballer and environmental activist Hector Bellerín, has collaborated with the fashion retailer H&M to deliver a sustainable collection.

The professional footballer Hector Bellerín, has been making his difference in and outside the 4 lines of the the Arsenal field. His fashion taste deserved  attention from all around the world to his Instagram page, that was rapidly turned into his modelling portfolio.

His love for football and fashion is different from what we are used to from a sports guy, and it resulted in a collaboration with the fashion retailer H&M.

The capsule collection called Edition, was built on a strong conscious, ethical and co-productive combination. Since the choice of recycled and organic materials, to the presence of the Spanish native on the design process and help on the styling of the final looks.

Sustainability was perhaps one of the lead words to create this collaboration, which goes along with the awareness that Hector expresses as a social and environmental activist.

Hector for H&M

“Making this collection as sustainably as possible was important because to me there can be no other way. We should not put our creative freedom or greed first when there are many other ways — even though they might be more difficult or expensive to achieve — that enable us to create the same product. This collection proves that you can make beautiful and meaningful pieces from recycled yarns and materials that have been worn before.”

Hector Bellerín

The collection counts with 22 items, from trousers, t-shirts and jackets to bags, hats, shirts and hoodies.
All the garments have a strong and consistent neutral colour pallet with bright accents, graphic details and a oversized silhouettes.

The head of menswear design at H&M says that “Hector has an expert eye for style, in tunes how men are dressing right now”. He adds that “Bellerín is a leader of the generations that’s redefining men’s style and advocating for positive change”

By Alice Derrica