Why is tailored clothing one of the trends for winter 2021.

As the past year people have been stuck in their homes doing nothing. The trends became sweatpants, hoodies and lounge wear as the effort to look good wasn’t there due to the pandemic and not being able to leave the house. Nothing to dress up for BUT lockdowns are over now meaning work is on and places are open to go and enjoy again. For some the work wear which is tailored style clothing has appeared out the wardrobes again making appearances on the streets. Even if you were to go for a lounge wear look, sweatpants with a cropped top and blazer fits the part perfectly. Tailored outs went mainstream due to celebs and Instagram stars. Molly Mae has a wide image selection of tailored outfits. Two-piece suits have replaced the hottest summer dresses. There are different styles to go for with these outfits, sophisticated, prestige, classy and casual. Its easy to have a bold look was a colourful two-piece. Some fashion designers (Timothy Everest) has created less tight suits so on men they are freer and lighter. Dior have offered a range of pastel colour tailored with floral details whereas Dunhill have a collection of silk and leather blazers. Geometry patterns that include bold colours and shapes have been used to create bold statement suits that have been added to the winter wardrobe. Tailored clothes can also be a good wear for when it is cold outside due to the temperature change coming up to the cold months.

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