Why were leggings invented? And how they came into fashion.

The first known appearances of leggings were on men in the 14th century Scotland. Initially, the leggings they wore, were two separate, hip-high, boot-like apparatuses made of either leather or chainmail, intended for both casual and military grab. In the late 19th century, soldiers of various nations, especially infantry, often wore leggings to protect their lower legs. It protected it from dirt, sand and mud which helped it from entering their shoes and to provide a measure of ankle support. Leggings became a fashionable item in the 1960s, drawing from the form-fitting clothing of dancers. With the widespread adoption of the synthetic fibre lycra and the rise in popularity of aerobics, leggings came to further prominence in the 1970s and 80s, and eventually made their way into streetwear. Leggings became a full-blown trend in the 1970s. In the 1990s, leggings worn over tights with a pair of flats. Leggings and slouch socks with oversized tops and casual sneakers especially keds continued to be worn as lounge wear and everyday comfortable and fashionable casual wear until the late 1990s. 1960s to 1990s high waisted leggings became popular but during the late 1970s, there was a backlash against disco and hippie fashions, and members of generation X opted for higher rise  pants. There’re loads of styles of leggings that which you can wear to loads occasions. Leggings can be worn as a casual or going out with blazers for going out or casual look with hoodies. Leggings can also be worn for dance and sports. Gym leggings as a co-ord is really popular and made more popular through social media and celebrities.

By Tierney Rocks