Definitive proof that shows why we’re not over millennial pink

Pink has been one of the most mixed opinionated colours in fashion. Weather it is hot pink, baby pink or neon pink, it is a colour that has stuck with us throughout the years. There is still no answer as to why this colour has never left the scene but there are many examples and looks that make us want to go out and splurge. 

Throughout the centuries, the way it is perceived by society has also changed over the years, at various times being considered feminine, erotic, kitsch, sophisticated and transgressive.

“Pink has always been a colour in transition, and so have social attitudes towards it,” Valerie Steele; editor of the recently published book “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Colour,” in a phone interview.  

“The 150-year-old notion of pink as synonym with fragile femininity brought forward by the West is being challenged. Pink is now having a ‘cool’ phase: It’s hip, it’s androgynous, it’s strong. And it’s here to stay.” 

Looking at the first outfit of pink, why not buy some pink joggers and pair them with either a cute pink crop top or a bodysuit. The well-known clothing brand ‘IN THE STYLE’ have released these gorgeously coloured garments can be paired together and worn on a casual walk into town or out for brunch with the girls. Follow this link to cop these items and wear the for yourself!

If you are looking for more of a classier look; work meeting? Or lunch at a fancier restaurant or café? This outfit is perfect and also affordable! Both trousers and knitted jumper are from IN THE STYLE and this outfit can easily be worn when heading off to either a business brunch or a walk around London! 

The next look is more of a chilled one, as many of us still want to look glamour able when we are chilling at home, or a short trip out. This pink is a soft pink that can be worn anywhere. This is another positive for the ‘millennial pink’ because there are so many shades and each one can be worn differently because of how many styles there are available. 

Going out? This dress has so much potential and really has a classy look to it. The shade of pink is what really emphasises the shape as it helps the curves be embraced.  Oh, Polly have really gone all out with this design. This colour has come far and still have years to come of being reworked and styled. Go and check out their website to find this garment! 

Going for more of a brighter pink? These straight leg trousers and hoodie can either be dressed up or down! Why not change up each garment by pairing them with some of the other items for example the baby pink bodysuit! They may be different shades, but they do not clash at all! Head to Pretty Little Thing’s website and grab these garments whilst you can!

I think we can all agree that this colour is not going away for a while and as summer is approaching our wardrobes can be filled with every shade of pink.