Why You Should Know About the Gen Z Shoe Brand ‘Nodaleto’

By Emma Foakes

The shoe brand Nodaleto, created in Paris in 2019 by Julia Toledano, has become a sensation by creating luxury shoes. The shoes are minimal in their look, yet they provide self-expression and passion for the consumer.

Toledano didn’t start her brand with the idea of it being aimed at the younger generation, bu the 90s aesthetic appeals to them more. The business has now been up and running for two years, and is looking to expand to a broader range of customers. Lower heeled shoes have been created to help with this.

The brand’s most popular creation are the ‘Bulla Babies’ which are sold in 69 retailers across the world. The price of these adorable pumps is €690, translating to roughly £580.

Bulla Babies patent leather pumps

Sales for the brand for 2022 are supposed to be €3 million, and the wholesale revenue is 73% more compared to 2020. These sweet shoes are becoming more and more popular, so there would be no surprise if the revenue increases even more.

Nodaleto x Heaven by Marc Jacobs collabaration

Nodaleto uses social media and more marketing tactics to bring customers rather than creating new products. This is because they believe that a product needs to be out in the world for about 18 months to fully understand their brand and the customers want for their shoes.

They also don’t believe in gifting their shoes to influencers to receive a bigger client base, as they believe their brand is about luxury and the value of craftsmanship. A relationship with he brand begins when the brand sees someone wearing a pair of Nodaleto’s they have bought on their own, and the brand will only consider gifting 18 months after.

What do you think about the Nodaleto shoes?