Why you should watch out for the streetwear label RHUDE

Around 2014/2015 Rhuigi Villaseñor officially founded RHUDE – “a design venture born out of Los Angeles, balancing luxury techniques with streetwear elements”.

Rhuigi Villaseñor in the grey jacket

The menswear designer was born in the Philippines, where his passion for fashion emerged – inspired by his surroundings and family, specially his mom and dad. He grew up watching his mother as a tailor, and understanding the construction of garments. “My Dad had a Gucci swag! He’d rock Gucci clutches with loafers and a Polo shirt, tucked in” remembered Rhuigi on a conversation with Forbes. But it was only when he moved to America that he understood in what direction would his collections move forward.

His designs describe a reflection of “moderns socioeconomics and personal stories as Villaseñor comes to Los Angeles”. The nostalgic designs combined with a visionary perspective of the culture, gave RHUDE a deserved attention from big names such as Kobe Bryant, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Jay Z and Migos.

His clothes reflect his own perspective of his journey from Philippines to America, and his intellectual evolution.

We reunited 3 reasons why you should watch out for RHUDE:


  • Built on a strong streetwear foundation, RHUDE does what this style knows better… collaborations. This brand’s portfolio now counts with names such as Lakers, Puma, McLaren, Starter (for Foot Locker) and Vans. The goal is to represent RHUDE’S aesthetic across different endings.
Left: RHUDE X Lakers Right: RHUDE X McLaren

Trend setter and not a trend follower

  • RHUDE is definitely directing their narrative to the future, whilst going to the past, searching for classic elements. Rhuigi knows exactly what is needed for tomorrow’s world.
    According to WGSN, RHUDE plays an important role for future trends when it comes to prints and graphics, where the concept is mainly focused on “taking learning from ancient intelligence and ancestors to reimagine for the present”. The idea is to understand the impact of the contemporary art, through a streetwear lenses.
Rhude Men’s Spring 2021

Reinventing streetwear

  • Streetwear has come a long way and evolved to one of the most significant marks for youth subcultures.
    Virgil Abloh once said that streetwear was dead, but in fact these young creative designers, like Rhuigi, are proving that streetwear will evolve to conceptual designs, that take inspirations from the streets all over the world.
    For RHUDE, streetwear elements are essential when creating his contemporary garments.
Left: RHUDE Sneakers Right: RHUDE X Starter
By Alice Derrica