Your birth year trends

Your birth year trend

There is always something special about the year we were born, the trends that have influenced us to become the person that we are today. This is why we bring you the most influential trends of your birth year. Would you be willing to bring them back or would you rather leave them behind?


Tyra Banks1997

1997 was all about the overalls, crop tops, specially white crop tops and bucket hats. It was a casual yet trendy look.


‘Friends’ cast 1998

This year everyone wore a casual with a lady touch look. ‘Friends’ was the ultimate inspiration for the youngsters of this year.


Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Kim Cattrall & Cynthia Nixon at a party for Sex and the City in 1999

1999 was all about ‘Sex in the city.’ Satin dresses with extremely this straps as well as shawls were the sexy look everyone was trying to achieve.


Gisele Bundchen, total denim look. 2000

2000 launched stars such as Gisele Bundchen who was starting to become an important fashion icon, she brought a total denim look, indicating that fashion was becoming casual again.


Christina Aguilera, low jeans, gloss. pop star look.

2001 was influenced by artists like Christina Aguilera. Frosted lipgloss, halter tops, extremely low jeans; an extremely ‘pop star’ look was making everyone crazy.

Written by Beatriz Angulo Menor