10 fun facts about Easter you probably don’t know

For many of us, Easter is all about socialising with family, egg hunts and eating as much chocolate as we can. But do you know everything about this festive period? Here are 10 of the most fascinating facts about Easter you probably don’t know:

1. Easter lilies originated from Japan

These beautful flowers originated from Japan and first came to England in the late 18th century. They represent hope and rebirth which are two dominating themes around Easter.

2. Easter eggs were around before Easter

Some people suggest that Easter eggs came from Medieval Europe and Christians did not start the tradition of giving eggs. The action of giving eggs represents fertility and rebirth in many cultures, which could have been around for a lot longer than we thought.

3. Eggs are dyed to represent the blood of Jesus Christ

Theories suggest that one of the reasons easter eggs are dyed is to represent the blood of Jesus, especially in Orthodox and Eastern catholic churches. Many people dye eggs with a cracking effect which can symbolise many things. The hard shell of the egg symbolises the idea of Jesus being sealed in the tomb and the cracking symbolises his resurrection from the dead.

4. The Easter bunny originated from Germany

The idea of the Easter bunny delivering chocolates and eggs to children is said to originate from Germany during the Middle Ages. This was first mentioned in writing in the 16th century. The Easter bunny is said to symbolise new life, a main theme during this period.

5. The largest Easter egg hunt is probably a lot bigger than you think

The biggest Easter egg hunt record is held in Florida and happened in 2007. The hunt consisted of 501,000 eggs which were searched for by 9,753 parents and children. Absolute chaos!

6. The world’s largest chocolate egg was made in Italy

This egg eas made in Italy in April 2011. It measured 34 feet and 1.05 inches in length and weighed approximately 15,873 pounds. That’s definitely a lot of chocolate!

7. More than 1.5 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are made every day

That’s a lot of Creme Eggs! The Bournville factory in Birmingham, England makes more than 500 million every year. They aren’t even sold all year round!

8. The UK’s first chocolate egg was produced in Bristol

It was in the 19th century, specifically 1873 when the first chocolatef egg was produced in the UK. The Fry family ran the largest chocolate factory in the world and can be thanked for creating the first UK chocolate egg. Two years later in 1875 Cadbury’s prodcued their first chocolate egg.

9. There is a reason for the crocodile pattern on a chocolate egg

This pattern comes from Germany and was designed to cover any imperfections during the production of chocolate eggs. And we all thought it was just to make it pretty! Little did we know!

10. On average, a child receives 8.8 chocolate eggs every year

Jealous? Over 80 million boxed Easter eggs are sold over the Easter holiday in the UK every year.

Here at Carbon we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

By Charlotte Brooks