10 reasons why you should watch Married At First Sight!

Find out what your missing and why you should be watching the latest series of Married At First Sight…

1. The amazing wedding dresses that will get you thinking of your own wedding!

2. The amazing ceremony locations that set the perfect scene!

3. Get to see the great honey moon destinations that make you want to be on holiday!

4. It has plenty of drama to keep you entertained!

Between the couples as well as other friends within the group!

5. There are even scandals you don’t see coming!

You may think this is just a happy couple… but its not! Its two people from different marriages in the experiment!

6. Its on every week night to keep you entertained during lockdown!

7. Meeting the family! Isn’t always easy…

8. There are plenty of awkward moments!

9. You get to see couples grow- you could even learn something from them!

10. You get to see happy endings!

After the show they had another wedding and had a baby boy together
Written by Emily Benison