5 Handbag Essentials We All Need

Do you ever feel like when you’re digging through your handbag just trying to find your favourite lip balm, it feels like you’re suddenly going through Mary Poppins carpet bag? Pulling out useless things you never even realised you put in there? That’s why we’ve asked some of our favourite fashion student instagrammers what their top five handbag essentials are to give you some help with reorganising your handbags. 

Erin Winnie @winniesocial

Perfume – “I use a small compact roll from Zara and it’s only £3.99 because you can smell great without lugging around a big expensive perfume.”

Lip balm – “Especially during the colder weather! I usually carry around the Carmex lip balm because it feels great on the lips.”

Chewing gum – “You never know how long you’re going to be out for and whom you may encounter, so chewing gum is always key for me.”

Headphones – “I literally can’t leave the house without headphones. I listen to anything from disco to podcasts – it’s a bit of light entertainment as you go about your day.”

A good old book – “I love reading! I’ve almost finished ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay, such an amazing and easy read, you’ll cry and laugh all at the same time!”

Emily Hall @florencefashionstuff

Card holder – “I used to be awful at putting my card in my phone case, so my card would end up not working anymore. Therefore everything is now crammed into a green snakeskin rectangle.”

Soothers – “Being at University usually means I’ve got a cold or I’m ill, so I always pack these with me and keep restocking!”

A mini makeup bag – “I have to carry this around everywhere! I use it throughout the day to touch up my makeup. What I have in it sometimes changes but I always have my beauty blender and lipgloss in it.”

Body spray – You know where I’ve been because there’ll be a trail of body sprays behind me. I don’t leave the house without it.”

Airpods – I love listening to music and am always humming a song I have stuck in my head so whether I’m popping out for five minutes or five hours, I’ll always take out my airpods.”

Emma Victoria @emmavictoria_fashion

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream – “I can’t go anywhere without this product! I’m always applying it to my lips and it’s also good for other purposes like soothing dry hands and shaping brows.”

Insulated water bottle – “I’m currently loving my ‘Hydrate M8’ insulated water bottle as it keeps my water super cold all day. I like that you don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles so you are saving yourself money but also saving the oceans from unnecessary waste!”

Headphones – “I like to fill my spare time listening to motivational or educational podcasts. I love using my ‘Beats’ headphones, especially on public transport as they’re noise cancelling so I can focus without any distractions.”

Healthy snacks/meals – “I always prepare a bunch of healthy snacks and even meals when I go out. Buying food can become expensive and you have no idea when you’ll be able to find something to buy.”

Notebook/Laptop – “I like to stay organised and prepared so making sure I have whatever I need for the projects I’m working on means I can use my spare time to get on with work. I also like to plan my day out the night before as making a to do list helps me stay on track.”

Mia Cotton @mimis.garms

Lip gloss/lip liner – I talk and eat so much, so I always need to make sure my lips are looking fresh!

Hair brush – Especially since it’s always so windy outside, this does not go well with my hair. 

Purse – It’s an obvious essential, I’ll usually always have to buy something.

Keys – Another obvious one, can’t leave your house without them. 

Eyelash glue – I can’t afford eyelash extensions, so strips it is! I always keep emergency glue with me in case I can start to feel them coming off.

With these ideas in mind we hope you can now declutter your handbags and be able to pack only your everyday essentials to make life much more easier!

Tanzeela Rahman