5 Life Lessons ‘CHEER’ Teaches Us

The Netflix show that almost everyone is talking about. ‘Cheer’ on Netflix is a docuseries that follows college cheer squad Navarro as they prepare to win another national championship. The Netflix series allows viewers to see the side to cheerleading that nobody gets to see, a true representation of the ups and downs that this sport causes. However, this docuseries isn’t just about pompoms, tumbles and jumps. The eyeopening series teaches us more about the determination and willpower of the athletes on the squad and could also teach us some life lessons.

You can achieve anything you want, as long as you put the work in.

So many of the cheerleaders only ever dreamed of getting into Navarro, and once they made it on the squad the hard work didn’t end there. Only half of the cheerleaders get to actually compete, they call this getting ‘on mat’. One cheerleader in particular Morgan, was nowhere near as experienced as some of her team mates, coach Monica explained. However, she put in the extra work and stepped up to the challenge, she had faith in her coach and herself and ended up making it on mat to compete for the nationals.

Having someone who believes in you makes a difference.

One of the main athletes that the documentary focuses on is tumbler Lexi. She struggled making friends, fitting in and getting over a tricky past. She had a natural talent but never put in half as much effort as her team mates, which they never understood. She explained, “I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel until Monica (coach) gave me this chance.” Having her coach believe in her and her natural talent, allowed her to get out of a tough situation and have something to work towards, and to feel valued for.

Regardless of your background or history, it’s never too late to turn your life around.

Many of the cheerleaders interviewed in the documentary explain how they have come from difficult backgrounds. La’Darius explained how in his younger life he was sexually and physically abused. This led him to become violent and get into trouble a lot in his younger years. He explained how cheerleading in general helped him, but being a part of such a supportive team like the Navarro cheer squad has really saved him.

A positive mindset is the most important thing.

The Netflix series showed us how much of a difference a positive mindset can make. Doing the same stunts over and over and not being able to get it quite right must be frustrating. However, when the rest of the squad shout words of encouragement and positive affirmations, suddenly the whole routine has more energy and everything starts to go to plan. Having a positive mindset, makes a positive situation.

Never give up at the first hurdle.

Navarro cheer squad are seen as the best college cheer squad, however to get to the place that they are now, they had to learn to lose and learn how to get back up. Coach Monica admits that when the squad previously lost at nationals, she cried in her office and was devastated. If she had then given up, the squad wouldn’t have the reputation they now have. Learning to accept defeat, and start over again working even harder, is a lesson that everyone can benefit from in life.

By Ava Monaghan