5 must read articles from Carbon’s issue 14!

Carbon On Campus Issue 14 is out now! Here you can see 5 must reads from our most recent issue. You can read even more great content if you head over to Issue.com!

If any of these titles interest you keep reading to read the articles!

1. Fashion statements that will take you straight back to Paris

Paris is one of the go to City’s for Fashion and specially after the new release of the Netflix series Emily In Paris. This article can help you get some fashion inspiration that will make you feel like you have transported to Paris! See what outfits you like and where you can buy them from!

2. How to dress like your in Bridgerton

Bridgerton has been a massive must watch series in lockdown. It caused the corset trend sky rocket across the fashion industry! So if you love Bridgerton or want to try out a different style of clothing that is very popular right now, see what inspires you and where you can buy them from!

3.London Fashion Week breakdown

London Fashion Week has been brought to us differently this year due to the Covid pandemic. But, this hasn’t stoped designers producing great things! If your a designer or just a keen fashion enthusiast you can get inspiration from this article!

4. 7 Weird but Wonderfull beauty hacks

Who doesn’t love some beauty hacks! There are so many things us girls have to do to keep up-to date with our beauty regiment. So, why don’t you have a read and maybe some of these hacks will help you out!

5. Your guide to creating a safe space

Last year and this past year we have all has to spend a lot of time in our bedrooms due to the multiple lockdowns we have had to endure. Spending so much time in your room makes it important to create a safe space and make it a space you can enjoy and that is good for your mindset. Have a read to see what you could do!

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Written By Emily Benison, Graphics by Mia Curtis