5 of the most bizarre things people have done for their pets

  1. Have you ever heard of Choupette Lagerfield? The most spolit cat in the world. From having her own iPad, two personal maids and a multi-million dollar net worth, Choupette is already living a more luxurious life than the majority of us. This rich kitty eats her dinner at the table with her designer dishes and also has maids who record everything she does in a day -from what she ate, to how she behaved, covering almost 600 pages!
Choupette Lagerfield with owner Karl Lagerfield

2. Okay guys, hold tight because this next one is crazy. A man, Mick Madden, invented a goldfish walker just so he could take his pets Malcom and Ethel out for a stroll. Yes, you heard right. A goldfish walker. For fish. On a large stand on wheels, there is a place for your goldfish bowl to sit tight, held together with ropes and a circular metal ring. It seems you can take almost any pet on a walk nowadays!

Mick Madden taking goldfish (Malcom and Ethel) for a walk

3. Betty, a maltese poodle, has had more than $30,000 spent on her in her life. She sleeps in her own four-poster bed in her very own bedroom. And in this bedroom, her own entire wardrobe! Filled with endless presents from her owners, including both diamond and pearl necklaces. Not to mention, Betty is also handfed with a Swarovski crystal fork. Not bad, eh?

4. This next one is our personal favourite. 80 year old Eugene Bostick, made his very own ‘dog train’. Many locals bring their unwanted dogs and leave them on the dead-end street where Eugene just happens to live. He began feeding them, letting them in and caring for them. Then he was inspired to build his very own dog train, where he takes the strays out for fun rides around the neighbourhood and in the surrounding woods. Bless!

5. Ever been to a pet wedding? Well, pooches Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak were wed in New York. How much was the wedding you ask? $158,187.26. Let that just sink in…Becoming the most expensive pet wedding in the world, the wedding included a celebrity wedding planner, a pet buffet and an officiation by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! Let’s just hope the two pups didn’t divorce.

Jake Pasternak and Wendy Diamond with the bride and groom

Written by Erin O’Farrell