5 things we learnt from fashion icon Caryn Franklin

Yesterday afternoon Carbon attended ‘In conversation with Caryn Franklin’ hosted by GUNK world. Find out what we learnt from this fashion icon…

Caryn Franklin is a British fashion and identity commentator as well as a visiting professor of diverse selfhood. You may have known her previously rom her role of being the editor and co- editor of I-D Magazine in the 80’s. She was also a long time presenter of the BBC’s Clothes Show.

She calls herself a disruptive fashion lover as she likes to be vocal in order to break down barriers of controversial topics. This is because she wants people to learn in order to create change in society and the old ways people think.

In this talk I learnt that Caryn has very strong views on diversity and equality specially when it comes to race and gender norms. She wants to get everyone to learn and normalise things that we were taught to perceive as different or not normal. She believes the more we talk about it, the more you will learn and the more things will change.

Caryn also believes when you have this intellectual capacity to learn and talk about these topics that it will enhance your creativity. In the presentation she said how

‘ diverse perspectives or counter stereotypes lead to lesser resilience in heuristic thinking. This leads to enhanced cognitive flexibility and creativity.’

Caryn is a very inspiring and motivational speaker that defiantly makes you challenge your thinking. She gives a deep and honest insight into these problems and what we need to do to change our thinking. And also how it can benefit your creativity.

So, here are 5 things we learnt from Fashion Icon Caryn Franklin…

  • Own your opinions and feelings & don’t underestimate your own opinions 

  • Your greatest power is your authenticity; it’s knowing who you are and being brave enough to live it. Your authenticity comes from you and your creativity so you need to have faith in yourself 

  • Emotional intelligence is correlated with effective leadership and management

  • It is our privilege to disrupt fixed mindsets and old ways

  • To normalise things we have been wired to believe are different

If you want to learn more than 5 things from her to help change your thinking you can find some of her talks. Or you can follow her on Instagram on the link bellow.


Written By Emily Benison

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