6 Ideas For Your Student Home Decor

Need some ideas for your new room? We’ve put together a few tips to help you out when it comes to decorating your space.

Use strings of fairy lights!

These will add a cutesy vibe to your room, you can get them in different shapes or even add pegs to hang some of your favourite pictures up.

Switch up your desk handles!

If you’ve got a boring old set of drawers or a wardrobe that needs mixing up, add some new handles! Pick some up from a homeware store or even get personalised ones from Etsy to help you fall in love with your desks and drawers. 

Tip: You want your room to express your personality, so choose things that help reflect that!

Use cushions!

Add cushions to your bed for a comfy feel to your room, they can be coloured to brighten it up or small details on your bed to bring the room together. 

Make your desk a creative hub!

Keep your desk tidy! this helps you to know where everything is and motivate you to get your work done.

Poke holes in your lampshade!

Create a custom lampshade by poking holes in one, you can make up your own designs and show your creative flare.

Add greenery!

Brighten up the room by adding house plants, they can be real or fake, if you haven’t got a green finger! Get some interesting cacti or some bright flowers to add some colour.

Tip: House plants purify the air and bring good energy and colour to your decor.